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    Getting a 100gbe link between Celstica DX010 and Mellanox ConnectX-4?

    Howdy! I've got a Celestica SeaStone DX010 running SONiC, which is working well with a couple QSFP+ 40gbe AOCs and ConnectX-3 adapters. I've picked up a few ConnectX-4 adapters (HP 840QSFP28, CX455A) and three different brands of DACs - but I can't get a link to come up at 100gbe. If I...
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    CLOSED - WTB: 100gbe NICs

    I'm looking for 2-3 100gbe NICs, probably Mellanox Connect-X 4 cards. Hoping to get a price better than what they are currently selling for on eBay. :) I just need ethernet, don't need the IB-compatible cards - but it wouldn't hurt anything either. I'm located in the Minneapolis, MN metro area.