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    CS-836TQ not powering up with HP MB - FIXED!

    Compared to some problems listed this might be simple (or not). I have an HP Z420 MB that I use for a backup server. It started life in a Z420 case so everything was fine. After about 5 years I needed more drives and got a PC case that I could load 8 dives in using a 3 into 5 and 2 into 3...
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    HP WOL problems

    I have a HP Z420 motherboard in a different chassis that I use for a backup "server" running TrueNas Core 12, About a week ago I started having connection problems but I got done what I needed and didn't look into it. The next time was far worse and finally I couldn't connect at all. The...
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    SG_format to 4Kn. Any switches needed?

    I just ordered 8 HGST He8 Ultrastar 8TB HUH728080AL5200 (I listed it in the great deals section if you want some) and I plan to reformat these to match the 4200 series drives I have. Sg_format has a lot of options but so far I haven't seen any of them used for a straight block size change...
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    HGST He8 Ultrastar 8TB HUH728080AL5200 $82

    Pretty sure this is at least a good deal on the edge of greatness. Just bought 8 an hour ago w/free shipping. HGST He8 Ultrastar 8TB HUH728080AL5200
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    WTB - Supermicro CSE-836TQ 16 bay LFF (1st choice) or 836E1 (2nd choice)

    As above, would like it from east of the Mississippi if possible just to cut the shipping costs. Has to have all trays, PS, fans. Motherboard, CPU and memory not absolutely needed but if you have a complete ready to go box I'll entertain it depending on price. It doesn't have to look perfect, it...
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    Seagate Drives lost NCQ

    I've never seen or heard of this before but it happened to me today. I had some Seagate 3TB (St3000dm001) laying around that I used for an extra backup before I reconfigured one of my pools. To do this I pulled out a pool that I wasn't going to use and replaced it with these 6 Seagates. After...
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    Play "Name That Motherboard!"

    Starting to look for a new motherboard for my backup machine. Here is what I need: 2, preferably 3 x16 slots that don't go below x8 electronically. 5 or 6 Sata 3 ports on board, an eSata port would be nice but not a deal breaker No larger than EATX Single CPU is fine Able to handle 32 or...
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    DONE! WTB Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB, 3.5", 5900 RPM, 6Gbps, 64MB cache Hard Drive

    I need six of them total. Has to be the exact model listed in the title and has to pass all SMART tests with no warnings. People shucked these out of external cases left and right over the past few years so if you have some with reasonable power cycles and hours on them and are itchin' to...
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    SAS and Sata on one backplane?

    I have a SuperMicro 846TQ being fed by 3 Dell Perc H310 HBAs. Can I use 8 SAS drives from one of the H310's and have the rest Sata drives? Does the controller or backplane even care if SAS and Sata are mixed?
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    HP SAS 4TB Drives on Ebay $23

    Might be too good to be true.
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    Supermicro 846TQ with Intel S2600CP Motherboard

    I'm building the above system. The MB, HBAs, everything except the power supplies came out of my Istar chassis where it worked just fine. Installed it into the 846TQ with the standard 900W redundant power supply, bought the approved wire adapter to hook up the header to non-supermicro...
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    SC846TQ backplane mix sata and sas?

    Since the TQ backplane has separate inputs for each drive would it be possible to mix 8 sata drives off of one HBA and 8 sas drives off of another HBA (Dell Perc H310's in this case) ? Does the backplane know the difference in that scenario or does it just supply power and so doesn't care?
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    2U build - heatsink

    I got my first 2U chassis and while I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it exactly I am sure I'm going to do something with it. To that end I need to keep the CPU cool (E5-2670). Is the preferred choice a large flat heatsink like this Dynatron R30 or a more upright unit like a Dynatron R5...
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    Supermicro 847A-R1400UB 36 Bay Chassis

    Yet another ebay deal Supermicro 847A-R1400UB 36x Bay Chassis The shipping was way too high when I asked about this, turned out to be a the ebay auto-ship price which is always far too much. Now it is more inline with most others. I make no claim as it it's compatibility or of the sellers...