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    HighPoint SSD7540 PCIe 4.0 x16 8-Port M.2 NVMe Card - Thoughts?

    Trying to purchase a single HoneyBadger from Liqid is like pulling teeth, and now Highpoint has released an 8-port PCIe4 M.2 Card through normal channels. Has anyone tried out this card, and/or compared it to the HoneyBadger LQD4500? The Liqid devs said they modified the Switch firmware code...
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    Addition of Layer 3 benchmarks to switch reviews

    In shopping for switches for edge locations and I've notice that none of the vendors, except for Mikrotik publish L3 routing benchmarks, and almost all the review sites only test L2 switch performance. Especially for edge locations, Inter-VLAN routing and static routes are the most important...
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    How to change profile pic on forum

    Quick question, how do you add a profile picture on the STH forums. I seem to only be able to set the cover background. Cheers, Bryan
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    768 Arm Cores in 2U @650W - XSLAB

    From a new Korean startup call XSLAB (I think). Product page: XSLAB (Initially loads in Korean, but you can change to English at the top) Their demo just popped up in my youtube feed, and I'm trying to get more info from the company, though my Korean is virtually non-existant (I can pretty much...
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    Any 1U EDSFF 32x E1.S chassis on the horizon?

    Has anyone heard rumblings of, or seen at a conference, a 1U EDSFF 32x E1.S chassis, or at least one as an AMD barebones? Both the Inspur and Supermicro systems are both Intel, and paying a dual-Xeon tax just for an EDSFF based system just seems silly when a single EPYC 7002/3 CPU can handle...