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    GIGABYTE EL-20 Debian 8.5 Minimal Server install guide

    Hi Guys, As you might know, Debian 8.5 isn't officially supported on Intel's Bear Ridge platform. However, with a customer here in Asia, we've got everything up and running on our boxes and I think this might help some of you out there who are stuck in with a similar challenge. Sorry for the...
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    What does Motherboard Cache/core limit actually mean?

    Conspiracy theory: some SM boards have a TDP limit, they don't want you to see that so they'll list the highest core/cache count for the 145W CPUs and not the 160W CPUs
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    Where are the Xeon-D 1548's?

    They're all at Facebook.
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    Personal Introduction Thread

    Thanks everyone!
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    Personal Introduction Thread

    Hi guys, I'm Dennis from GIGABYTE's "server" team, officially we're the "NCBU" - Networking and Communications Business Unit, and basically we handle the B2B side of business (that's why we have a different website than the consumer stuff from gigabyte: GIGABYTE B2B Service - Server...