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  1. Deslok

    Supermicro X9DAX-7F and E5-2667 v2 1c turbo not working

    As it says in the title, in the course of building my new workstation to replace my aging x5690's I picked up an x9DAX and pair of E5-2667 v2 chips, which work fantastically but the turbo behavior is being... odd. They do turbo from the 3.3 base to 3.6 which is in line with the 3/3/3/3/4/5/6/7...
  2. Deslok

    Intel Server GPU Shown for Video Transcoding Applications

    I knew this was coming! Xe Max looked like it was designed with this in mind, especially with intel using a 4x pcie link, I wonder if we'll see an 8 gpu card as well.
  3. Deslok

    NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Review A Versatile AI and Professional GPU

    I do wish there were more single slot cards like this one. I have a P4000 because a single slot 1070 wasn't something I could get here in the US(the quadro features are a nice bonus but weren't strictly needed)
  4. Deslok

    Pfsense(or Opnsense) on a Cisco ASA-5512-X

    First step, had to make a custom cable to access the internal usb boot device but it's just a 4Gb FAT32 drive, I had expected at least some variant of EXT
  5. Deslok

    Pfsense(or Opnsense) on a Cisco ASA-5512-X

    I had a hunch the board got recycled into other hardware since it had pads for more memory modules and an unused sata port(physically there just no bay) as well as a pcie slot that wasn't doing anything. The fact that those systems can run different software gives me a bit of hope, i'll order an...
  6. Deslok

    Pfsense(or Opnsense) on a Cisco ASA-5512-X

    I thought we were using a fairly simple ruleset myself, mostly a handfull of NAT stuff and then the vpn, no inspection or anything like that, but apparently forwarding UDP and TCP traffic counted as "multiprotocall" (or at least that's what the vendor that sold it to us came back with) I had...
  7. Deslok

    Pfsense(or Opnsense) on a Cisco ASA-5512-X

    The 5512-x is limited to 200mbs of traffic for anything considered "multi protocol" which seemed odd but meant we were capped at 200 on our new 500mb line(after we had just replaced our ISR units with mikrotik CCR1036 units to go above 100 and they were literally just doing BGP) so now I have a...
  8. Deslok

    Pfsense(or Opnsense) on a Cisco ASA-5512-X

    I recently decommissioned a pair of 5512-X units at the office because they couldn't keep up with our incoming connection anymore. To my suprise when I took a peek inside one of them I found a fairly conventional layout with a Pentium G6590 in it, usb boot, socketed ddr3, sata storage and the...
  9. Deslok

    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P Review Moving Up the Stack

    Any chance on seeing a head to head with this against something like the RB4011iGS+RM or a similarly priced pfsense box?
  10. Deslok

    ASRock Rack TRX40D8-2N2T Bringing AMD Threadripper to Servers

    I wish more consumer boards would go front>Back I love it in my precision tower
  11. Deslok

    NBase-T product watch

    The one without jumbo frames looks like it negotiated a 1Gbit link not at the 2.5Gbit it should have, limiting things to 2.4Gbit seems odd(or was that a typo?)
  12. Deslok

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series Launch

    So the real question now, where's the Ampere quadro's ? the single slot ampere 4000 quadro should be brutal
  13. Deslok

    NBase-T product watch

    I'll give those an endorsement as well, I have ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-2 cards and they're rock solid.
  14. Deslok

    NBase-T product watch

    Is jumbo frames on? I've found none of my 10gig equipment performs up to snuff unless it is. I haven't used the Ipolex a ton(I use it for testing nBaseT equipment that's about it) so I can't comment beyond the oddiy I saw at 1gig speeds on it.
  15. Deslok

    NBase-T product watch

    If you're using it with the 305 what 10GbaseT adapter do you have installed? I have the ipolex one in my CRS328 and it works fine at 2.5 5 and 10GbaseT but if I plug a standard 1Gig adapter into the module it falls on it's face.
  16. Deslok

    Synology SAT5200-960G Review Entering the SSD Market

    Do we know if Synology is actually making these themselves? That chassis and PCB look an awful lot like an ADATA industrial drive and the performance lines up well with some of their drives announced earlier this year.
  17. Deslok

    Mikrotik Router question

    I recently purchased a pair of CCR1036 units to replace our software limited ISR4331 units as BGP routers, in that capacity they're doing fantastic but we quickly found the next bottleneck, our ASA units can only handle 200mb/s of traffic(because cisco I guess?) Our config isn't very complex and...
  18. Deslok

    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T Review an ATX AMD EPYC Platform

    I'll give you the soundcard even my ESI maya44 is a 1x device, but the usb side? i've seen plenty of 4x usb cards that leverage multiple controllers to improve their performance, here's a modern usb-c one from sonnet Allegro USB-C 4-Port PCIe (4-port, SuperSpeed USB-C 10Gbps [USB 3.2 Gen 2] PCIe...
  19. Deslok

    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T Review an ATX AMD EPYC Platform

    I know in my desktop(a t7500) I'm using a single slot GPU(quadro P4000) leaving slots for things I wouldn't need on this board(like the m.2 riser card or my SAS controller) alongside things like my 40Gb network adapter and a dedicated soundcard and usb 3.0 controller both of which i'd probably...
  20. Deslok

    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T Review an ATX AMD EPYC Platform

    Finally, something worth replacing my dual xeon workstation with, now if I could just afford it...