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    Noob questions about an HGST 4u60 JBOD

    Hum, I have access to large numbers of caddies for these. Assuming they are the right ones. They are waiting disposal in the data centre in a large cardboard box. Couple hundred of them minimum. Located in the UK however. Chances of 3d printing a caddy is around ħ for these though. Right fiddly...
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    Which fiber should I install in a new building?

    Because the question was what's the difference between Cat6a and basically Cat7 and upwards. The statements was the difference is just the thickness of the copper. That is just plain wrong. Like I said anything better than Cat6a has each pair individually screened. The cable is electrically a...
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    Which fiber should I install in a new building?

    That is factually incorrect. Both Cat7a and Cat8 have each pair individually screened. If you don't terminate the cable with GC45 or Tera connectors to properly terminate what are now a bunch of twinax cables then you will make things from an electrical perspective worse over Cat6a. Probably...
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    Help getting M1015 / LSI SAS2008 to work on Red Hat 8

    The reason for the removal is because Broadcom won't provide RedHat with support for the life cycle of RHEL8. RedHat clearly felt it was therefore best to remove support. Noting that some cards have been added back in That said with RHEL 8.4 the 2008 along with the 2108 and 2004 where added...
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    In search of a unicorn's blood: Control several machines with just one keyboard and mouse

    Nope it just means you need one machine sitting in all the VLAN's, at which point there is no inter VLAN traffic :)
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    Hardware Failures in 2021 - Post yours!

    Ok I am going to take it up a notch with the fan failures. The previous failures back in April, the fan blade just disintegrated (see earlier in the thread for pics). That turns out to be boring. This time around at least two (hard to tell as the fans are stacked two in a plugable module) fan...
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    How to reformat HDD & SSD to 512B Sector Size

    Missed this first time through the thread and hunted down my own serial number for these drives (for reference #Z1Z8CLYA). Only done a handful so far all successful. I tested a couple using f3write and then f3read (f3 - Fight Flash Fraud — f3 8.0 documentation) as a method of ensuring all...
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    Fun with an MD1200/MD1220 & SC200/SC220

    That is expected behaviour, it's part of what makes SAS enterprise in comparison to SATA. Everything is dual ported and hence redundant. You could loose one of the ESM's in the MD1220 and still have access to all your drives. You need to use in Linux dm-multipath to manage this so that they...
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    Future data center power/cooling?

    That's really rather wimpy to be honest. Rear door coolers are good for in the region of 30kW per rack. I think we are pulling on average 32kW on ours when they have compute nodes in. However it is just brutal opening the rear door when everything is screaming. Good for a laugh for unsuspecting...
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    Hardware Failures in 2021 - Post yours!

    Posted elsewhere on the forums, but here again because it's the most spectacular hardware failure I have seen in a server system. A couple of uncontained fan failures in two separate 4 nodes in 2U systems in our HPC system at work.
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    Popular enterprise direct attached storage enclosures

    What are these cheap SAS drives you are talking about? Reality is it's just money grabbing, there is no such thing as a cheap none enterprise SAS drive. In fact the drive almost certainly is OEM'd from one of the now very small number of drive manufactures left, with "magic" firmware that...
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    42U Server rack recomendations

    Note in the actual enterprise space I always recommend a 47U rack over a 42U rack.;)
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    Any upgrade path for Dell PE 6100 XS23-TY3 4 Node Servers?

    In short the answer is no. The C6100's are a very early iteration of the concept and have a lot of issues and are completely different mechanically from the later versions.
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    Fun with an MD1200/MD1220 & SC200/SC220

    Just because I have not see it noted in this thread the MD1200 is part of a long line of Engenio storage formally from LSI now NetApp, that was OEM'ed by a lot of people. So for example a Dell MD1200 is basically the same as an IBM EXP3500 or a possibly a StorageTek 2501, though that might be...
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    Dell PowerEdge C8220 Build and Questions

    The HIC/iPass card makes no difference as to whether the card will work from a BIOS perspective. It's just like a very long PCIe riser. Admittedly the C410x has PCIe switch chip inside, but they also work just fine with an older NVIDIA thing which does not have the PCIe switch chip as well. The...
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    Dell PowerEdge C8220 Build and Questions

    Wrong the C6100, C6220 and C6220II do support GPU's. The standard way this was supposed to work is you fit an iPass card in the server and then your GPU is in a C410x PCIe expansion chassis thing. They are however somewhat finicky, and if a GPU gets in a stuck state you usually have to power...
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    A workstation / home server build: IPMI versus vPro

    You need to run more servers for longer in that case :) Basically the batteries even with no power draw have a limited life span. Eventually the battery goes bad. At this point I would note that the terminal voltage is probably still 3V but it can't actually provide sufficient current so...
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    A workstation / home server build: IPMI versus vPro

    Indeed you need to pick your CPU carefully, but you can get full remote functionality, the only thing you sacrifice is ECC RAM. Personally I am upgrading my home server of 11 years from a Supermicro X7SLA which is still going strong even been doing Plex duties for six years now to a Supermicro...
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    A workstation / home server build: IPMI versus vPro

    Not strictly true. If you have AMT version 11.6+ or 12.0.20+ you can download MeshCommander into the AMT flash and get a KVM and IDE redirection right out the web page. You can even make it out of band if you are willing to burn an ethernet port on the board for that. It makes for a cheap lights...
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    Remote server management for HP Z2 series workstations

    Or you just burn the onboard ethernet for dedicated out of band management and stick in another network card for the OS.