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    Underclock Supermicro X10SLM+-LN4F m/b to use passive heatsink

    I currently use above motherboard, with Core i3-4160T. Though the processor is already at only 35W TDP, still, since I put it in a 1U rackmount chassis of Supermicro, I have to use a Dynatron blower type fan. I need help to underclock my m/b, processor, to make it super silent. My thoughts...
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    I may get a few Atom Rangeley or Denverton appliances. I believe these devices may be good for Docker, but how do you install them baremetal?

    I may get 2 unused devices (previous firewalls) using Rangeley or Denverton. I am thinking how do I use these devices baremetal? My only expierience using Docker is running it off Unraid, and it's been pretty easy. Is there a way to get Docker running in these low powered devices? Preferably...
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    Qnap low powered NAS for virtualization

    Hi all. Long time user of Unraid NAS. I am wondering how Qnap low powered NAS can do virtualization, specially if they are ARM powered. In Unraid, if my processor is powerful enough, you can create a gaming VM, with GPU passthrough. For Qnap low powered NAS, are they talking about the same...
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    Unifi AP Vlan pass through basic POE+ switch to Sophos Firewall

    Hi. I plan to buy a TP-Link TL-SG1005LP POE+ switch for use with my 2, soon to become 3 Unifi APs. Currently, I have 2 Unifi APs (with 3 SSID each on their own Vlan). that connect to 2 ports on my Cisco SG500 switch...
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    Long Generic Test Fail (Seatools), can it be fixed by "fix all long?"

    I have LBA errors after performing Long Generic Test on my 8 TB Exos I bought from Ebay. But is says passed. I did a "Fix All Long," and it finished. I did another Long Generic Test, and no more LBA errors were found/ reported. Does this mean it's as good as new? Or was it just masked?
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    Seagate Exos 8 TB SATA, 3 left. Seller accepted 80 USD offer for 2 units Good luck for those interested :D
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    Is it possible to future-proof any NAS with Docker containers on SBC

    Hi. Just a thought. I see those Synology Diskstations and always find them very attractive, EXPENSIVE, and UNDERPOWERED :-). To be fair, they sure look good. Since a lot of people have one, I think they must be doing a pretty good job. One of the concerns though is since they are NAS...
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    EXPIRED (used) Seagate Exos Enterprise 8 TB, 7200 RPM, 85 USD 4 units and up
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    SATA HDD Deals on ebay, do you still consider whether HDD made for NAS, desktop, Archive?

    Hi. I'm preparing myself just in case there's a good deal that appears online (ebay). When you buy drives for NAS use, do you consider whether the model of the drive was designed for NAS, desktop, or archival purposes? Or do you just consider cost per TB? I am using Unraid btw. Do you...
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    Need help to further throttle down my firewall hardware

    Hi. I created a firewall box for Sophos Home Firewall, to be used at home. Traditionally, I'm using a repurposed appliance I have, This box originally had a mini-itx motherboard. I removed it, and used a micro-atx motherboard. I really wanted something passive, and fanless, and removed...
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    Need advise to overcome 2 slot GPU covering my PCIe x8 slot

    Hi. I'm using Supermicro X10XRM-TF motherboard. I also have a GPU connected to it, a 2 slot GTX1080 video card. Apart from it, I also have a SAS card that I will soon connect, cause I bought SAS drives that are cheap. I love this board, it almost have everything I need, several SATA as...
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    Forgot what IP address I assigned to my Cisco SG500-28 switch. Don't want to reset.

    Tried pinging, got 'Destination host unreachable.' I've accessed the switch before, set VLAN, unfortunately, I forgot. Looked at my firewall, with assigned DHCP IP addresses, and tried to access them, with no avail. Any ideas how?
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    Can you use E5-4XXXL processors on single proc m/b? Supermicro X10SRM-TF

    Hi. I know you can use E5-2xxx processors on single processor motherboards. What about E5-4XXX processors? I assume the answer is the same for E5-4XXXL, the lower power variant. Regards
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    Can vlan1 (switch default) be considered for use with ssid without vlan tagging?

    Not sure if it's clear on my title. My HP switch comes default with vlan1, which has all ports untagged. I use Unifi, and in my controller, I have 3 SSIDs. SSID1 (no vlan set), SSID20 (vlan 20 for guests) and SSID30 (vlan 30 for IOT). On my switch, as mentioned above, vlan1 has all ports...
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    Need help to reset Supermicro motherboard that is password protected

    Hi. I bought a M/B from ebay. I turned on this motherboard. It asks for password. I shorted the cmos contacts while power supply is disconnected. Still, the request for password appears. I connected the BMA port to my firewall, and let the hoping the dhcp server will assign it an ip...
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    How can I establish VPN connection to home? Which affordable router to get?

    Hi. I intend to help setup vpn for a relative. He has fiber connection to home, current modem in bridge mode. I have the same setup, and I'm using Sophos XG Firewall, and I was able to follow some guide to setup OpenVPN connection to Sophos XG Firewall (home) from ios, android, MacOS. He...
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    SAS drives for home NAS

    So while I'm waiting for some deal to be available on ebay, why are others not concerned that SAS drives consume more power than SATA? I also read they don't spin down? Won't all these translate to significant additional power usage? How much watts do a regular SAS2 drive consume?
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    Addlink S70 NVMe ssd not performing as advertised

    Hi. Anyone of you have experience with Addlink S70 m.2 NVMe ssd? It's advertised as 3500 MBps Read/ 3000 MBps write. So when my order arrived, I inserted it into my new X10SRM-TF serverboard. But just to see if it really performs as advertised, I installed Windows 10 on it, and ran...
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    Can an HP MicroServer N40L act as JBOD enclosure?

    I have an Unraid server, with limited disk storage space already. I have an HP MicroServer N40L. I know this device is no longer fast. Can I plug an HBA card that has external mini sas, and connect it to Unraid server? This will give me a few drives more. 4 at least. On a related note, I think...
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    Can anyone help check if Noctua NH-U9DX i4 is compatible SM X10SRM-TF

    Not sure if this huge fan will hit memory or anything, Furthermore, the m/b I bought came with Dynatron blower fan, due to it being too noisy, I intend to replace it with Noctua. The m/b seems to have a base metal plate for the dynatron fan. Do I need to remove this. Lastly, my cpu has 140...