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    Dell EMC PowerEdge T150, T350, R250, and R350 Intel Xeon E-2300 Servers Launched

    Tech Spec sheet doesn't mention it ..but in the Tech Guide.... Dell EMC PowerEdge T150 Technical Guide
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    5019D-FN8TP-X11SDV-4C-TP8F New in Box $500

    More.... More turbo. More 10Gb NICs. More PCIe slot. (ok... only 1 more, but still .... "more") More Memory Channels (4) @ higher rate (2400Mhz). More newer. If only I had more money !! <sigh>
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    Supermicro X11SSH-CTF memory issues An option: It's on the SuperMicro list of tested modules and it's 2400MHz
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    128Gb RAM in PowerEdge T140 possible?

    You are welcome. I used (4x): DDR4 VLP ECC UDIMM 32GB 2Rx8 2666 CL19 | MTA18ADF4G72AZ-2G6B2 |
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    128Gb RAM in PowerEdge T140 possible?

    PowerEdge T140 w/ 128GB RAM (4x32GB ECC UDIMM)
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    128Gb RAM in PowerEdge T140 possible?

    An alternate 32GB ECC-UDIMM: DDR4 VLP ECC UDIMM 32GB 2Rx8 2666 CL19 | MTA18ADF4G72AZ-2G6B2 |
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    Vmug membership group buy

    $510 / 3 year (subscription) = $170 If you know you will need or want a three year membership, it's an option.
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    "Shucked" drives with hardware RAID?

    I am not up to speed on this .... back in the days of using hardware RAID with consumer drives, as long as you could set error recovery values, it was deemed "safe". Again ... i am going back in time to when TB drives didn''t exist (or were not mainstream anyways). SmartMonTools??? (SmartCTL)...
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    Make use of rear USB Port instead of onboard motherboard port for ESXi?

    You should be able to have multiple USB drives installed and select the one you wish to boot from. Yes...should be selectable in BIOS. To make identification easier .. maybe use a different brand drive in the external USB port.
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    Increase the days an account becomes inactive in Active Directory

    Wow ... my bad .... not only did I misread that ..... the link i provided was not for user accounts. You can use the Group Policy management console to view the settings (assuming unchanged). I don't have a live DC at the moment ... but it looks like 42 days for Max Password Age is default...
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    Increase the days an account becomes inactive in Active Directory EDIT: ignore this reply for user password policy ... but for devices... might help :oops:
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    SAMBA share via hostname not working in Windows 10

    Might be the "-" in the name of "3-CPO" without a trailing "." it may be seen as just a NETBIOS name. At one point (old school DNS naming) .. i don't think you could start a host name with a number. Not so today IIRC
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    An ITX board that can take upto 128gb ram? Does it exist? +
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    This is going sound a bit backwards 3.5->2.5 mounting bracket.

    It's probably just me, but a make and model of the NVR (so people can reference what you are dealing with) might help your cause. I read it a few times now and I am lost by what a "dome" is in this NVR. Edit: Pictures?
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    2.5" HDD or SSD

    See below .. i think you pretty much answered your own question. SSD also has better Reliability/Endurance numbers + longer warranty compared to the HDD. My only reason for going with spinning rust at this point is high capacity/$ ... usually to back up the data on SSDs.
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    more reliable main OS HDD's? (not SSD's)

    I tend to stick with Seagate and Western Digital Hard Disk Drives (3.5"). Main reason is availability in local stores. Each MFG has had it's share of bad batches. i still trust them and didn't hesitate to try out newer offerings when I needed them. Having said that .. I have not made a HDD...
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    NVMe - make the most of your PCI-e Slots (How-to config Supermicro boards for AOC-SLG3-2E4T et al)

    It is confusing!! Took some time to get anAsus Hypercard M.2 v1 set up the first time around. As @itronin pointed out, follow the block diagram for the motherboard. If your post above (#42) is in relation to the X10SRi, see page 16 of the manual. Port 1 ---- Slot3 (PCIe x8) Port 2 ---- Slot6...
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    What NVMe works on Supermicro X10SDV boards?

    Tested by SM: M.2 List - [MBD-X10SDV-4C-TLN2F] It is interesting that the drives don't show up at all. I am used to seeing people not being able to boot off them sometimes, but modern mobo/bios + modern OS = I'd expect to see it detected even if not bootable. Do you have a PCIe to M.2...