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    Need help with Chelsio T540-CR with HP Proliant Gen9 ESXi

    I have been talking to Chelsio support for over 4 days now and they can't seem to help. I have a Chelsio T540-CR. When I load the ESXi 7.0 drivers I get crazy DMESG: 2021-11-04T23:22:46.496Z cpu11:1056498)Admission failure in path: host/vim/vmvisor/lsud:python.1056498:uw.1056498...
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    Cheap ONIE switch to learn on, suggestion?

    I am wanting to get my hands dirty with SONiC and other NOS. So I have been looking at getting a Celestica Seastone DX010, its the cheapest thing I can find on eBay. I might have found a unit that has C0 Stepping so shouldn't be a problem with AVR54 bug. Would this switch be a good platform...