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    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    Anyone have any hands-on experience with these OEM motherboard with x79 chipset on eBay? I like that they support registered memory which I have some lying around and are cheaper to buy. I also like that they come in M-ATX form factor for a smaller build. The only question is longevity and...
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    Bad read performance over 10Gbe

    I got two computers directly attached via 540-T2 10GBe cards. One is a dual E5-2670 workstation running windows 10. The other is the NAS with E3-1265v3 and 24 GB Ram. The disks in the NAS are 4x4Tb WD, and 4x4Tb Seagate. I have it configured as Raidz50 - striped raidz pool. I am running samba...
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    How much does memory speed matter

    Two questions: How much performance do you gain from using 1600 MHz ram instad of 1333 in a server or workstation workload with two processors? A lot of discussion using gaming benchmarks, but I can't find much on stuff like linux bench scores by changing the memory How much power savings from...
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    Can you connect two 10GBase-T computers together?

    Forgive the imprecise wording in the title. What I am asking is if two computers each have a RJ-45 style 10GBase-T adapter, can they be connected together without the use of a router? I'm intrigued by this mainly because it removes the need for a switch. I have two virtualized systems and all I...
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    How to get integrated graphics to show up?

    I have a SLH-F and a Xeon with on-board graphics. If I enable the onboard graphics, basically I get a black screen because the VGA port is for the Aspeed motherboard video chip. I guess I already know the answer to my question, but I'm basically out of luck because Supermicro did not include an...
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    5 TB WD My book $110 free shipping

    eBay via Best Buy has these external drives for $110. Internally they are supposedly Red Blue drives. YMMV. Edit: the new batch could be blue drives, based on newest Amazon comments. WD - My Book 5TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black
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    btrfs mount as iSCSI target?

    I have a btrfs mount of a few different sized drive. I want to make the mounted directory (/mnt/single) as the iSCSI target for a windows server. The plan is then in windows server share that up via SMB with 2 gigabit ports on passthrough. This is to enable multi-channel transfers between my...
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    Hard drive testing software

    What's your favorite tool for thoroughly testing if a hard drive is likely to be good?
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    Experience with AM1 platform?

    Anybody have experience with AMD's AM1 platform? The boards are basically cheap as can be. I'm worried about running them 24x7 for anything. Might fail in a month or two. They are also cheaping out on IO... 4 sata ports max, 1 NIC only. And I'm not sure if the AM1 processors packs enough...
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    hard drive spin down using HBA?

    Is there a way to tell windows server r2 to spin down a hard drive if there is inactivity while the HDD is connected to a 9220i in IT mode? It seems to work if it is connected directly to the internal sata ports, but obviously I want to use the HBA.
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    No SMART from IT flashed 9220-8i?

    In windows server it doesn't read the smart info from the drives connected to the HBA flash in IT mode. Is this normal?
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    FS: Quadro 6000

    I got a Quadro 6000 up for sale. I got it as a part of a workstation I bought off of eBay. It make easy work of the lightroom projects that I tried it with, but I'm also a gamer so I rather sell this and get a gaming card. I'm looking for $490 + shipping, open to reasonable offers.
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    Should I bother buying a new router

    So I got a regular AC router from TP-Link and it is pretty good (Archer C9). The downside is it doesn't have open vpn server or client support. I was thinking of returning it and getting the more expensive Asus A68U which support openvpn server and client. I understand I can flash my router with...
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    pfSense with one physical lan

    I only have one physical lan port on my motherboard. I want to run pfSense with openVPN in front of all of my vms. Is this possible with only one physical ethernet port? The VMs will run from the same box. Can I create two virtual lans and have one be linked to the WAN and the other to a...
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    Any LGA 775 motherboards out there?

    I'm looking for a 775 motherboard with nVidia chipset. If you got one for a reasonable price let me know!
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    slow copy over gigabit ethernet

    I have observed something strange. I copied some files over AC1900 wireless router from my NAS and it gets around 20 MB/s (megabytes per second) read performance. Plugging the gigabit ethernet cable in (using a apple adapter because this is on a mac), I get about 10 MB/s. This is so strange...
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    nappit-not allowed

    I tried upgrading my napp-it 13b the other day using wget -O - | perl. After that finished I tried accessing the server and I got a "Access to this appliance is restricted. You can set this value via menu setup or in file /var/web-gui/_log/napp-it.cfg" I was able to SSH...
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    ESXi 5.1 4TB Physical or virtual disks

    Are there workarounds to having a 2TB VMDK limit in ESXi 5.1? For example, can I format my 4TB disk as 2, 2TB disks? Upgrading to 5.5 would be the ideal solution but I cannot spare the time right now. thanks in advance.
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    Napp-it share to ESXi, Apple, Windows...

    I have Napp-it + ESXi 5.1 configured. I mapped RDM drives and it seems to work fine in Napp-it I created my raidz pool called, zpool, and enabled sharesmb and sharenfs properties on it. I used zfs create to make a "folder" /zpool/vmstore for share back to ESXi for all the virtual...
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    RDM with nappit or freenas

    FreeNAS seems to have a horrible problem with RDMs. Is this not the case with OmniOS+nappit? Disks Not Configured in FreeNAS 9.1 Release | FreeNAS Community