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    Cheap way to adapt 3.5" drive trays to 2.5"

    Is there a cheap way to adapt 3,5" supermicro disk carriers to 2.5"? Supermicro sells them separately (MCP-220-00043-0N) but they are quite pricey. Especially since I have the carrier already and I just need the steel adapter. You can find adapters online, the challenge is to make sure the...
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    Best bang for the buck CPU platform? (on the used market)

    Hi everyone, I tend to upgrade my workstation every 3 years or so. But usually with old hardware because I'm cheap :-). This is my current config: Supermicro x9dri-ln4f - 2x E5-2680 v2 - 128GB RAM - 1070ti - Samsung 970PRO nvme - 7x 2TB RAID - Areca 1222 Controller - Mellanox Connectx2 10Gbe...
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    How to diagnose faulty pcie slots (X9DRi-LN4F+)

    I have a X9DRi-LN4F+ board. The first pcie slot is populated with a GPU, the second one is not accessible because of this. The other ones are populated with at 10 gbe nic, raid card and a USB 3.1 card. Whenever I try to use the bottom pcie slot with any of those devices the system does not...
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    Advantages of memory on 10Gbe nic?

    I recently picked up a mellanox connectx-2 card, the MNPA19-XTR. The controller does not have any onboard memory but my previous Chelsio controller did have memory when I was using OSX. Can anyone tell me what the advantages are of the onboard memory? Cheers, K.
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    Dell Perc H310 + 7x 3TB 7200RPM = only 400-450MB/s?

    Hi all, I build myself a new/used workstation based on 2 E5-2680V2's. I'm experimenting with a spare dell H310 I have laying around as backup for my freenas server which uses 3 of those cards. I'm only getting 400-350 MB/s with 8 disks in raid 0. (I'm experimenting). Coming from the world of...
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    Simple LAN to wifi adapter (with no power brick).

    I run fiber optic but I don't want to run another ethernet cable to my server just for ipmi. Was wondering if anyone knows the simplest way to hook the ipmi port up to the wireless network. Would really love a simple ethernet dongle that maybe plugs into USB for power.... but google doesn't...
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    AOC-SLG3-2M2 to Bifurcate or not Bifurcate on X9DRi-LN4F+

    Hello everyone, I have a X9DRi-LN4F+ my cpu's are coming at the end of this week. I was wondering if the AOC-SLG3-2M2 would work on this board. It is officially not supported. However I have read on this forum that one NVME would work but two drives at the same time would not work since pcie...
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    Mac Pro --> Threadripper or Intel E5

    I'm a creative professional, currently on a mac pro dual x5670 system. It's still quite respectable in terms of cpu speeds (around 25000 on geekbench 4). But the GPU (nivida) driver support is lacking and the cause of a very unstable system. Hence I'm looking to jump ship to windows 10 since I...
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    Chelsio S320 windows blue screen!

    Does anyone know if these legacy cards work under windows 10? I use them on OSX and they work flawlessly. But looking to move to windows. When booting in win10 i managed to install them using the drivers on the chelsio site. The card is being recognised. It has an IP and is connected to the...
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    WTB Intel Quad CPU 2U Server. R2208LT2HKC4

    So I know someone who is offering an intel R2208LT2HKC4 server, barebone. It's a system targeted at HPC, it has room for 4 E5-4600 CPU's and up to 1,5TB of ram. I think it's cool to experiment with and I can get it for an affordable price, $800-1000. But I'm wondering if there is a resell...