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    One motherboard (Z9PR-D12) - 2 questions (Force OnBoard VGA and KVM)

    Under CPU IIO options make sure VGA Priority is set to on-board (Advanced -> CPU IIO Bridge Configuration ) . You can also disable oproms for the slot the GPU is in under Advanced -> PCI Subsystem -> PCIE Slot Option Rom Configuration
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    4TB P4500 SSD - USD$375

    I bought one of these imported to the UK. After a Extra weeks delay because the local carrier was incompetent. It arrived today. Mine was nearly new.
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    Help getting M1015 / LSI SAS2008 to work on Red Hat 8

    As far as im aware these cards use the mpt_sas driver in IT mode. Have you tried installing that?
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    ICX7150 for repair?

    The LBS130S56K is what alot of us used to repair these and they have a high tendany of dying aswell. the XP power might be a good shout if it fits.
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    What router for 300 Gbps of traffic with support for multiple BGP full route tables?

    Yeah the MX204 is a proper pocket rocket for the money.
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    What router for 300 Gbps of traffic with support for multiple BGP full route tables?

    The Arista might be able to manage with 4 full tables. The Juniper will defiantly manage 4 full tables.
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    EU HPE Cloudline CL3100 Gen10 Barebones - $399

    hmm. not sure then. dont deal with hp stuff that often. im sure someone here will have the answer.
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    EU HPE Cloudline CL3100 Gen10 Barebones - $399

    I think for these you need both cpu sockets filled for them to work.
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    EU HPE Cloudline CL3100 Gen10 Barebones - $399

    Yeah as always, Caveat Emptor. For what its worth the seller does have a recent history of selling server gear.
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    EU HPE Cloudline CL3100 Gen10 Barebones - $399 Seller based out of Czech Republic. HP Quickspecs: HPE Cloudline CL3100 Gen10 Server (QuickSpecs/a00056111enw.pdf) This is the 20 NVME version
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    EU [WTB] ICX7150-C12P (or similar)

    I have one available. The PSU has been swapped as the original was dead I have another device that does not have a psu.
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    Aruba AP to IAP

    Has anyone got a converted AP to join a virtual cluster? Ive converted 2 ap325 to iap and for some reason there refusing to join my existing VC even though they can be seen and are in the same vlan as the master.
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    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    The servero guys are watching us edit: NVM just saw tjsgifan's post
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    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    There Legit. Used them a few years ago for some stuff and all the gear came very well packed
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    Cisco Nexus 5K...good deals on anything better?

    You can look at arista. cli is close enough for cisco to sue them and sometomes can be had quite cheap
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    Aruba IAP firmware

    Im not sure with the 200 series but with my 315 you can update the firmware from the web ui
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    ICX7150 for repair?

    Yeah i had the same issue with one of mine. I tripped the breaker to the circuit that the switch was on and it fried the psu. There nice switches but not if you have to keep swapping the psus every few months.
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    Cisco 3560CX and PBR - Changing the IOS from IPBase to IPServices

    Modern IOS images are called Universal. They have all the features but they are limited based on the active license RTU licensing allows you to enable the licence before you have the actual licence to hand. It never actually checks or disabled as its honor based. In a commercial environment...
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    ICX7150 for repair?

    Just to add to the success stories. Finally got my devices that were sat at my offices for over a month and swapped out the power supplies. 2 Switches done . 2 successes.
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    Juniper EX4300 USB console driver

    The usb console port is just a Prolific PL2302. the standard driver should work. Products