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  1. DavidRa

    [Win2022] STOP in vmswitch.sys adding VMNetworkAdapter to host

    Dang it, mine is the exact inverse :(. Broadcom BSOD, Intel fine. I'm trying to source some 560SFP or 560FLR-SFP (basically Intel X520) to try instead - but maybe I should try non-HP drivers too...
  2. DavidRa

    [Win2022] STOP in vmswitch.sys adding VMNetworkAdapter to host

    Yeah I realise the Gen8 isn't "qualified" but I'm not spending $20K $30K(!) to get Gen10 nodes for my home lab. They're DL380p and identical specs apart from RAM distributions - some are 24 x 8, others 8 x 16 + 8 x 8. Really the only difference between p and e versions is that the p was...
  3. DavidRa

    [Win2022] STOP in vmswitch.sys adding VMNetworkAdapter to host

    Playing with Server 2022 in the lab here, and I'm trying to set up a Hyper-V cluster on my DL380 G8. The first node went fine. All the other three nodes have the same problem - OS installed, firmware, drivers and HP niceties added fine. When I create the VMSwitch - no error (see...
  4. DavidRa

    HP Controllers with non HP Disks

    Just to update this in case anyone else finds it. No issue with 3P disks in the DL380p Gen8. I have 2 HP SSDs which came with it, 2 Intel SSDs of the same model, and 8x3TB Toshiba and Seagate drives - and it's suitably quiet.
  5. DavidRa

    566 Nas chassis! perfect!

    Holy crap that's almost exactly what I designed for myself a couple of years back (with roughly the same idea/criteria). Right down to the two large fans and the 8-10 drives (I would have to go find my "design" to see what's different). Kudos for making it. Edit: I'm bloody old it was more than...
  6. DavidRa

    Simple Hyper-V Failover cluster

    Not quite - hook it up to Azure Site Recovery and for (IIRC) $10 a month Azure will do the failover management for you. It's been a long time since I looked at it but it could be an option. The better option is to have something onsite. Ping the primary and if it's failed for 5m start on...
  7. DavidRa

    Recommend a vSAN all flash cache drive?

    Intel P3605 cards are PCIe and would be one I'd consider if m.2 isn't a hard requirement, though at a couple hundred each for 1.6TB they're not cheap. I do think it's a reasonably good value option, though.
  8. DavidRa

    HP Controllers with non HP Disks

    Not sure if it's better here or in Servers, but has anyone recently tried using non-HP firmware disks in Gen8 servers? I'd specifically be trying to juggle a p408i controller into a Gen8 server (so I can have mixed mode) and then using the existing 3TB disks I have for storage. I presently have...
  9. DavidRa

    Switch licensing hell

    Nope, there's no money in that. Apparently it's better business to fail to sell new switches to some than to sell licenses for old ones. I'd also probably go for the secondhand ICX switches and just get a couple of spares. For the cost of the time to try to get licensing working, compared to...
  10. DavidRa

    WTB: Looking for a replacement to the Quanta LB8M (North America)

    The goto seems to be the Brocade ICX stuff. Maybe a 6650? Check the mega "Brocade ICX" thread in Networking for details.
  11. DavidRa

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    You would need a breakout cable - a DAC (which has the QSFP module on one end and it splits out to four 10Gbps SFP+ modules). One example is this one 40G QSFP+ Breakout Active Optical Cables (AOC) - not a recommendation, just first I found as an example.
  12. DavidRa

    X10SDV-4C-TLN2F $229.90

    Dang, it actually looks like a reasonable price (I have an old Fractal Design mini ITX NAS in which the board died). Someone stop me I shouldn't be buying...
  13. DavidRa

    Dell Poweredge R640 suitable for home lab use?

    That's a hell of a home lab starter pack. The 1U servers could be a little whiny (small fans that have to spin hard to move air) but I'd still do it and figure out a way to deal with the noise if needed.
  14. DavidRa

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I don't know how representative I am, but I just purchased 6450s to replace a failing LB4m; I didn't see anything significantly better available, certainly not at the price. I have a pair for myself (one live, one spare) and I'll just keep the configs synced. Firmware? Unless there is a...
  15. DavidRa

    PSA / FIX: SuperMicro "no iKVM64 in java.library.path"

    Yes that was under Windows. I think you can specify an architecture for packages under Linux too - I tend to use Debian families, in which case Multiarch/HOWTO - Debian Wiki would be my starting point.
  16. DavidRa

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I can't find a way to search the thread - are there models other than the ones in the first few posts worth looking at? I may have to replace my Dell 8024F pair (each 20 x SFP+ and 4x combo SFP+/10T, and stacked). I'd need a combination of SFP+ and 10GBaseT ports - ideally ~16-20 SFP+ and 4-8...
  17. DavidRa

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Oh my god. Never saw this on pf et al because I run DHCP elsewhere - I've always built multi-VLAN with all DHCP on a single box (or HA pair) and helpers on the switches.
  18. DavidRa

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Why not? All you should need to have are: A scope matching the subnet in the far VLAN (specifically, a scope where the subnet includes the IP address of the switch/router in that VLAN) DHCP forwarding (often termed "DHCP Helper") on the switch/router. This sort of thing has been common for...
  19. DavidRa

    Lenovo is Using AMD PSB to Vendor Lock AMD CPUs

    There's honestly no benefit that I see here in forcing a CPU to be used only with a specific vendor platform. The CPU doesn't have any storage so it's not like you would be able to exfiltrate data. Putting it in another motherboard only enables the other motherboard - it doesn't break security...
  20. DavidRa

    Is there an up to date guide for installing ipmiview on Linux?

    If memory serves, IPMIView just downloads the same Java JAR from the server that the web interface uses. If that's the case, I expect you'd have to figure out a way to pull out the 64-bit Java from IPMIView and substitute the 32-bit / x86 version instead. I'm struggling with that now (I figured...