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    Power issues

    Those extension leads with surge protectors are a waste of money and time, they do not and cannot work. Buy a line interactive APC Smart UPS
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    HP Keeps Installing Secret Backdoors in Enterprise Storage

    For the second time in a month, Hewlett-Packard has been forced to admit it built secret backdoors into its enterprise storage products. Interesting read, very sneaky! Source: HP Keeps Installing Secret Backdoors in Enterprise Storage
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    LSI HBA 9207-8i

    I run one of these with Napp-IT and OmniOS. No issues at all, just ignore all soft smart errors on hard drive, it's the same for other LSI cards, does not mean anything. I also cannot get SGPIO working, not sure whether that's my cable or the card doesn't like my backplane.
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    Does anyone else have a Supermicro PWS-865-PQ or have experiences of this PSU?

    I love the 743/745, it's not much different to the 745TQ-R800 I have, but I much prefer the silence :D Supermicro are a pain for RMA, so want to check it's normal for this model of PSU first before putting the server out of action for a long time :(
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    Does anyone else have a Supermicro PWS-865-PQ or have experiences of this PSU?

    Hi All, I have just gone from a dual redundant 745 chassis to a single PSU 743 SQ Chassis. This chassis has a PWS-865-PQ Power supply, all seems to be working fine and is a VERY quiet server chassis I must say, however I am slightly concerned about one thing, if the system is off the PSU...
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    16gb ECC DDR3 Registered RAM FS - Kingston PL310Q/16G Brand New.

    I am having a clear out, these are all brand new. Fill your server :) Product Description Kingston memory - 16 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3 Storage Capacity 16 GB Upgrade Type System specific Technology DDR3 SDRAM Form Factor DIMM 240-pin Data Integrity Check ECC Features...
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    TheBay's For Sale Thread

    Having a change of plan with the house, servers etc as the little one needs his own room so going for smaller units and smaller servers. Have quite a bit to list on eBay and will update this thread as I list each item. Supermicro SuperServer...
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    Supermicro X9SCM-IIF nightmare

    Try another PSU, sounds PSU related to me if it's not watchdog.
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    HP NL40 Hotswap in nexenta 4.0?

    Nice to see someone else using my BIOS :)
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    OI/OmniOS LSI 9207i Soft Errors

    As long as this does not set any flags on the hard drives smart monitoring I shall ignore this.
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    OI/OmniOS LSI 9207i Soft Errors

    I have tried OI and both OmniOS with Napp-it, everything seems to be working okay but what's concerning me is that every time I check the drive status the Soft error count goes up?. It's not linked to one drive as the Soft error rate goes up on all the drives at the same rate. I have 2 pools...
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    Intel Xeon E3-1220 $50 right now (no BIN though)

    He's got more than one for sale, also some other interesting items he's listing. Might be worth a look...
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    The "Dirt Cheap Data Warehouse" - Database and Storage Servers on the cheap

    Some good kit in that rack ;) What the hell does that pull at the wall?, are you using a 220~240v line?
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    UPS for distributions (OpenIndiana, Omnios ...) based on the system Illumos ?

    I've got both APC 3000 rackmount and a 6kva MGE Pulsar Evolution rackmount (MGE is now Eaton) and would say Eaton is much better for management and also batteries last longer due to a better system they use. APC overcharge batteries IMHO. But my MGE went bang! But the general consensus is Eaton...
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    Measuring RDIMM Voltage

    Totally different kettle of fish but my X9SC* series boards run 1.35v UDIMMS at 1.5v I guess you have have no local access to this box, is it co located or something? If not just do as the above post, plug a laptop/PC in the ipmi nic. You don't even need the ipmi app, it's viewable on the ipmi...
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    HP MSA G2 Array - $499 with dual SAS controllers

    HP Raid cards love Hitachi, they don't like Samsung spinners though! Well jealous of the deal you got! And mkrad I wonder what the hell you have running in your home :o
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    Should be sticky: Samsung 840 and 840 pro are not LSI megaraid compatible

    I have had issues lately with supermicro SFF-8087 cables not fitting in the socket properly, they only latch when they are pulled out slightly then making a poor connection, the metal tabs are in the wrong place! Can't remember whether they were molex or amphenol though. Maybe a bad batch of...
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    WTB: Supermicro X9SCM-F or X9SCM-iiF, E3-1260L or E3-1256L, 32GB ECC UDIMM

    45 vs 69 watt tdp arnt that much different in the real world, the 1230v2 is the best bang for buck and efficiency ratio out there. It never hits that stated TDP and will probably save money as it will do things more quickly and also will require less power to do the same job as its a quicker CPU...
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    Free Company of Heroes 2 Beta Steam Code

    Very kind of you Odditory, just thinking would it be a good idea to have certain sections of the forum hidden and only registered members can see, ideal for posts like this as no doubt google will pick this up or get linked to other sites.
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    ZFS Drive Spindle Speeds

    Nochmals vielen Dank! Very reassuring, If anyone knows the answer it's you :) I'm sure the 5K3000's run fine at ashift=12 Now I know I can keep buying these drives.