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  1. tjk


    Wow Dell and/or AMI file a take down already? :D
  2. tjk

    Protectli like with 10G interfaces?

    Hey Folks, Just curious if anyone knows of any small systems like Protectli or QOTOM make, but with 2x10G interfaces on them? I see OPNSense folks released one - DEC800 Series – OPNsense® Desktop Security Appliances – OPNsense® Shop but I can't find that anywhere else in the market, not sure...
  3. tjk

    Server or Chassis for SAS and Sata with screw less design?

    Hey All, We have to test a large number of HDD's on a regular basis before they go into production. Is anyone aware of a 12, 24, or greater 3.5" and/or 2.5" chassis where we can just "drop" the HDD's in and not deal with screwing them into a sled?
  4. tjk

    Brocade 6650

    Hey, Does anyone know if the 6650 can be stacked? The (few) docs I can find online lead me to believe it cannot be stacked, however the pictures of the switch show 40gb QSFP ports in the back, wondering if you can stack via those. Thanks!
  5. tjk

    Bricked Mellanox NICs how to recover?

    Hey All, I was updating a bunch of Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN dual port cards, all was fine, it told me old version it was going to put new fw on them, etc.... Completed ok without errors, but now the card can't been seen by the OS (Linux or Windows), even after cold booting the server/power...
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    LSI -9300-8E 8-port-12Gb

    Too good to be true? Why are these cards so cheap? China counterfeit? Even for being used, they are way cheaper then other sellers. LSI -9300-8E
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    SpaceX launch failure...oh no!

    Not sure if anyone else is into rockets and such, but SpaceX just had a massive failure...2 mins after launch, the rocket 'blew up'. No human life was lost thank god. 23:30 in
  8. tjk

    VMware, SRP Target, ZFS, no latency!

    Well, that was fun.... After a few weeks of trying various storage setups to help reduce latency for certain VM's on a clients VMware cluster, I can report back that a SRP Target on a ZFS server worked wonders! Not sure I'd ever put this thing into production though, it was hell to get working...
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    Upload file/picture?

    I know I'm tired, but for the life of me, I don't see the option to upload a file/image like on other XenForo installs. The media option is there, but it wants a URL to the image. Do you not allow picture uploads here or am I missing a setting somewhere?
  10. tjk

    Windows Server 2012 R2 and iSCSI Target and MPIO

    I'm doing a bunch of lab testing with Windows Server 2012 R2 as a storage server, attached to VMW clusters with 40Gb IPoIB. So far have tested NFS with caching and such, looking for guidance on using 2012 R2 as an iSCSI target with MPIO, since you cannot team IPoIB nics. Is there anything...
  11. tjk

    Voltaire/Mellanox 4036 mtu

    Hey All, Anyone have any idea how to set and show mtu settings on this switch? Having some problems setting MTU to 4092 on VMware 5.5 U2, it takes the mtu setting for the vmnic, but will not take it for the vswitch. Thanks, Tom
  12. tjk

    HP G6 Servers and iLO 2

    Hi All! Quick question on older HP G6 servers and iLO 2, I'm a Dell guy so excuse the basic questions. I have a couple HP DL360 G6 personal servers I bought used (have not arrived yet). I am trying to figure out for the iLO 2 if I need a license to allow for power control and ipkvm and...
  13. tjk

    Infiniband IPoIB performance problems?

    Hey folks, long time lurker, first time poster! I have a test lab where I am testing the performance of Infiniband, specifically IPoIB, and think I am running into some performance problems, looking for any feedback anyone may have. Setup: 10 x Dell R610 nodes, 48GB Ram, dual quad core...