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    Two motherboards with single PSU

    Thanks for the clarification. The server is anyway up 24/7 so this will not be a problem with the adaptor.
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    Two motherboards with single PSU

    Hi, I have a X11SPI-TF MB as "hyper-converged" server but I would like to separate the storage part in as separate system. I would like to power both systems with the same PSU in order to reduce fan noise and clutter in the case. I am looking at Supermicro Seon-D platform with 10GB ethernet...
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    Hi @lxian could you update on the SATA interoperability with the adapter? I assume it should have been OK?
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Hi, could you please give example codes for 16/18 core QS Cascade Lake. What I can find in ebay is only QQ8Q and QQ8M.
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    @RolloZ170 could you please recommend a Cascade Lake Xeon stepping with 16-24 cores which will work with no issues for virtualization. Ideally it should have Specter/Meltdown microcode fixes and work with X11SPI-TF and BIOS v3. From what I've read so far I should focus on the QS samples only...
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    There is SATA controller -> in the X570 chipset ;). Also the Asrock M2-HD card which is advertised as 4x SATA splitter doesn't seems to have a controller. I did a bit more digging and this MB ASUS Pro WS X570-Ace has U2 connector. And according to Manuel Marini comment for this SFF-8643 to 4x...
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    This is exactly the converter I had in mind at first place. This is really great option when I decide to retire my Skylake SP. Lets hope the Ryzen 3 bumps the 128GB memory limit :D
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    Hi, did somebody noticed that 3950x and 3800/3800x are missing from the CPU support list. Has somebody tested it if it is a mistake or ti really will not work? EDIT: 3950x was on the bottom of the table but 3800 is still missing :) I have more than 8 drives and I am wondering of if it will be...
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    Hardware pron thread

    It only counts if the caddies are populated :P
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    Building a kubernetes and general system

    Hi, I would recommend to improve your storage. Some NVME storage or a RAID can help. When you think of the layers of abstraction in Kubernetes storage subsystem it really can get messy quickly.
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    4x titan V prototype 1

    This beauty deserves its own thread! It shouldn't be mixed with the rest of the smut :D
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    KVM advice

    Hi, have you checked this device: KVM Switch - 4-Port Dual Monitor Model Wendel seems to know what he is doing.
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    Coffee Lake Server(Xeon E-2176G)

    The E3 CPU and MB are available in Poland at least. About your server request - the MB you have linked is for socket 3647. High single thread performance is quite expensive for this platform - I wouldn't recommend. If you want the best possible single thread performance you should go with...
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    Proxmox All in One Options Revisted

    This is the option I use at home for my "hyper-convergent server" (the fancy name of AiO as you called it :)) One benefit for usability is that all the containers can have access to the same storage without going over the network. One downside is that you can not run NFS/iSCSI server from the...
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    affordable (little) proxmox home server

    If you need to run only two VMs have you thought to go with mainstream hardware? The Pentiums and i3 support ECC memory and VT-d. For those machines these are the most important features in my opinion. You can get a 35W CPU and decent mini/micro board and you have a nice home server :) I would...
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    Need advice on media station build!

    Have you though to go the hyper-convergence way? Get a single relatively powerful computer/server and virtualize all of your current servers. Put a good hypervisor pass through all the needed HW and you are done. The actual parts will depend of your computing needs and level of fault tolerance.
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    custom nas

    In my opinion ZFS is good choice for NAS server. It has multiple benefits that you can google :). Basically you can create simple RAID 1 equivalent very quickly and easily + added data integrity protection which normal RAID 1 is not providing. What I am doing is that all my storage RAIDZ2 + 2...
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    custom nas

    It will depend on your usage patterns and use cases, but have you considered to move the disks from the qnap to the ProxMox machine? ProxMox supports ZFS and with a small container you will be able to create a simple NAS. For example I am using TurnKey NAS for this purpose. Considering that your...
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    hp proliant with gtx1050ti

    Do you use the card for more than one VM? If you need to remote to a single machine than you can try to passthrough the card to the machine. Windows 2016 should support passthrough in general. Not sure if it will work with non-server grade card though.
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    Motherboard choice - Asus P10S-M vs Supermicro X11SSH-F

    Actually the Asus has 1x16 + 1x4 from the chipset. The Supermicro is 8x, 8x + 4x from the chipset. So by the criteria which one can hold more SAS cards, the Supermicro wins. This one Supermicro SSL-CF has one LSI SAS3008 controller build in but it has only one 8x by slot + 4x, 1x from the...