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    Competency Evaluation - Advice on diving into RouterOS/MikroTik from Housewife Networking

    Very interested in this as well. I'm considering a Mikrotik 10G switch, but have read so many negative things regarding the interface that I can't seem to pull the trigger. :)
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    AOC-S3008L-L8E in non Supermicro MB

    Thanks, seems like there are a few others using this combo, so I placed an order.
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    AOC-S3008L-L8E in non Supermicro MB

    I'm looking to order this card for use in my new Ryzen build (Asrock Rack X570D4U-2L2T). Supermicro's web page for this product ( AOC-S3008L-L8e / AOC-S3008L-L8e+ | Add-on Cards | Accessories | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. ) says it is only for Supermicro motherboards. Can anyone...
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    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    Thanks for the information. My current box uses around 85W, and I'd like to stay around the same power budget. Ryzen looks like a better choice, but more expensive.
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    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    @KC8FLB What is your power consumption? Looking at a similar set-up vs. a Ryzen board. Thanks.
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    The Dell N1100s look like an interesting option. I don't need/want L3 features and the GUI seems better than the Brocade and Aruba options (I want to avoid the cli). I have two questions for those using these 1) is the console cable a regular USB cable or is it proprietary like the Brocade...
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    Options to replace FiOS router

    I run pfSense on my gigabit FiOS line. I have an i3-4130 with a quad Intel i350 adapter, running multiple VLANs, snort on all interfaces (except the VLAN I use for streaming and limited rules on WAN), pfBlocker, ntopng, and have IPSEC VPN set up. I can get full gigabit through put on this i3...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    After following this thread for a while I broke down and have a 7250-24P arriving shortly. I've built my dongle and am ready to update the firmware once it arrives. I see discussion on L2 vs. L3 firmware - I plan to use this as a L2 switch initially and when I get up to speed on the switch may...