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    [FS]: US-FL Dell Optiplex 7080 Micro i7 vPRO 32GB RAM 256GB NVMe

    I used this for about 4 months as a transcode workstation. Its in like new condition. I upgraded memory to 32GB. Warranty until 1/14/24 - This has 2 full years left of Dell Basic Plan Service. Optiplex 7080 Micro i7-10700T 35W 8c/16t Base = 2.0GHz, Turbo = 4.5GHz Crucial 32GB (2x16) DDR4-3200...
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    5019D-FN8TP-X11SDV-4C-TP8F New in Box $500

    These replies to old sale threads are always such a tease. People end up asking a tech question in an old deal thread and I get all excited thinking a deal is
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    (SOLD) FS: US- Beauty and the Beast $25K

    The things I could do with $25K
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    HGST He8 Ultrastar 8TB HUH728080AL5200 $82

    Crypto will ultimately have to be regulated. Its like the wild west. Also, even though criminal use may or may not be low, its what all the ransomware hackers want so it often makes news. The general non-tech public/politicians will eventually legislate rules for this.
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    (US-FL) WTB: 3/4U Chassis that has 8-10 Hot Swap SAS/SATA

    I am looking to move my NAS from a Node 804 to something rack mountable. Prefer options that have quiet fans and allow ATX PSU as I already have that. MB is MicroATX. Looking for something like the iStarUSA D-3100HB . Thanks!
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    EXPIRED HUH728080AL5200: $119.95

    Is anyone actually making money these days with Chia?
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    AliExpress Mini PC Xeon D1581 $450

    Never really seen this particular CPU in the wild. Wondering how they got them. Agree on the heat potential...
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    AliExpress Mini PC Xeon D1581 $450

    This barebones seems like a win. I'm thinking about buying one to tinker with. Thoughts? This little Xeon is 16c/32t at 1-8-2.4GHz 453.64US $ 40% OFF|9th Gen Mini Gaming Pc Intel Xeon D1581 Core i3 9100F i5 9400F i7 9700F MSI GTX1650 GDDR5 DVI HD DP 4K Multi Display AC WiFi|Mini PC| -...
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    i9-7980XE $426USD

    I think the concern is that when/if the deal/seller goes south, no one is going to help you...including Linus. Ultimately, its another aliexpress gamble. I think its cool he found them, reported on them and I hope someone finds it useful. I'd be curious if he thinks he's actually vouching for...
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    Issue with Supermicro Board LE6 Red Light multiple PSUs

    Looking for some ideas for what could be wrong with my NAS. I bought a used supermicro combo last year that has been working great until recently. Specs: Supermicro x10srm-f Xeon E5 V3 4x32GB ECC Ram Seasonic Prime Ultra 750 PSU Home built TrueNas stops working, LED le6 solid red on mobo...
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    One of the cheaper 16tbs not on backorder right now

    Looking forward to this fad's death.
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    FS: Many, many home lab and home server items

    Is the price on the 1900x firm? Its actually less from newegg.
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    US [FS] Nvidia 1070

    I would save the time and just list it on ebay. I don't think anyone here is looking to pay that kind of price.
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    FS - Cisco UCS 5108 chassis and 6120xp fabric interconnect

    I would imagine this is quite loud?
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    [Dallas, TX] WTS: 3x Supermicro X10DRD-LT/CSE-813LT/2683v4/128GB, 10G network hardware, etc.

    You might consider listing in homelabsales on reddit. That gets a lot of traffic.
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    Help buying rtx 3080

    I've had a tough time buying DDR4 SODIMMs, especially in 3200MHz.