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    Strange PCI passthrough failure in ESXi 7

    Tried to passthrough another LSI 3008 but failed with error Failed to unbind devices. The device is not used at all, I have the onboard LSI 3008 passthrough without problem. Conflict between the two? The onboard has IT firmware 18 from SM, the add-on has P16 from LSI.
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    Anyone able to run Roce v2 on CX-3 VPI in ESXi 7.0?

    Ran all the required commands to modify kernel param esxcli system module parameters set -m nmlx4_en -p "pfctx=0x08 pfcrx=0x08" esxcli system module parameters set -m nmlx4_rdma -p "dscp_force=26" esxcli system module parameters set -m nmlx4_core -p "enable_rocev2=1" esxcli system module...
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    Arista for home lab studying progress

    If anyone wants it, let me know. Don't know what platform it supports thought. I'll try to get 4.22.6M next week from our network guy.
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    Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX EN SR-IOV on ESXi 6.7U3

    Very strange. Motherboard is SM X9SRL-F, BIOS setting is right. I'm going to try a different slot. SR-IOV is working esxcli network sriovnic list Name PCI Device Driver Link Speed Duplex MAC Address MTU Description ------ ------------ ------- ---- ----- ------...
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    Crossflash HPE 640sfp28 to MCX4121A-ACAT

    Followed all the instructions to flash OEM cx3 to MCX firmware HPE 640sfp28 = MCX4121A-ACAT Procedures to flash CX4 is exactly same, compare PSID - HPE - HP_2420110034 MCX -...
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    HPE 621SFP28 and Marvell QLogic QL41212HLCU

    Got this card to play with, haven't installed it yet. I'll install it in my storage ESXi server so SR-IOV/NPAR will definitely help a lot. All the offloading features will help NSX-T as well. I don't have 20gb switch so it has to run at 10gb speed for now. Based on FastLinQ 41000 chipset, I...
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    EPYC 7302P running @ 3600 mhz?

    Still doing initial config and test. Is it right? Where did I miss anything? Motherboard is H11SSL-NC
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    Finally finished all the testing and ready to make then change to zfsonLinux

    Being using ZFS since it's out and using Solaris/OpenSolaris/OmniOS for my centralized storage server for a few years. The storage server provides VMware datastore through NFS mainly, some iSCSI (used to do FC) for specific applications, then NFS/SMB for other servers and workstations at home...