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    ConnectX-3 upgrades

    I have some ConnectX-3 cards, I was curious to upgrade the firmware to the latest, probably unwise but it was an interesting prospect, so I wanted to try. My card is MCX341A-XCEN which is PSID MT_1270112023, but that one was only listed as having version 2.31.1598 of the firmware and mine was...
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    UK Tesla K80 £199

    This looks like a pretty competitive price and the seller seems to have a quantity available. Anyone know if this can be split in Proxmox? Edit: No, this...
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    Updating SuperMicro BIOS using SUM causes reboot

    I have an X11SCL-F and I am trying to use SUM to update the BIOS as I am on v1.1 But SUM does "Reading BIOS" and when it gets to 100% the system reboots without doing the update. It feels like it's crashing? Is there some kind of lock or watchdog that I am triggering? Anyone have any ideas?
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    Two PERC raid controllers - Supermicro won't boot

    Hi, I have a Supermicro X11SCL-F motherboard with 32GB of 2666MHz UDIMM, Corsair 620W HX modular PSU. Mellanox CX341 10G network card. In it I have a PERC 310, when I add a PERC 710 to the same system the boot hangs on SuperIO Initialising... Post Code 99. If I remove the card the boot is...
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    Supermicro X11scl-f sticking during boot

    I have an X11scl-f: Xeon E-2278 Corsair 650HX PSU Quadro P600 Mellanox 341 10GbE PERC 310 PERC 710 5x 3.5in 8x 2.5in I originally had 3x 3.5in disks and it was fine, but added two disks and the system rebooted (with no message in the IPMI). I swapped the PCIe slots around removed the two extra...
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    EU (UK) [WTB] PC4 2666MHz ECC UDIMMs

    Since I've changed motherboard, I now have a surplus if RDIMMs and need UDIMMs suitable for my X11SLC-F. These should be ECC Ddr4 2666 UDIMMs. Could trade for 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RDIMMs. Bob
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    UK [FS] Bob's workshop tidy up

    Hi All, Updating my clear out... Akamai Motherboard - £200 MikroTik CRS305 10G switch - £100 Supermicro C2550 Mini-ITX - £350 for a system including 6x250GB SATA SSD 1.2TB array, offers for board only, includes 4xGbE and IPMI Intel X550-T2 - £40 D-Link DGS-1510-20 - £80 Zyxel 24port Poe...
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    EU FS: OCP to PCIe adapters

    Hi all, I have one of the exotic motherboards that has no PCIe sockets but has two OCP sockets. As my board also has 2x10GbE the OCPs are rather unused. From another thread on here I found a Chinese vendor who was selling OCP to PCI-E adapters but only to China. I have managed to import four...
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    EU Clearance auction: loads of cheap Dell, HP and OEM Supermicro Buyer collects only, bids starting at £10. Tax and auction premiums added on top. The Snell Ice servers are recent Supermicro machines. There are some job lots of HP, including some Gen9.
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    OCP Mezzanine Riser/extender

    I have one of the Ak-D1541 boards which is EATX but it has one of the OCP Mezzanine connectors uncomfortably close to the edge of the board and so a normal Mezzanine NIC won't fit. Has anyone even seen an OCP 120pin riser or extension cable? I can't find one and even looking at Amphenol I see...
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    Job lot(s) of 10x 1U 40GbE Hyve servers Tyan boards for V3/V4 Xeon $2,250

    Rather extreme perhaps but I was looking for something different and spotted this job lot of bare bones servers with heavy networking going for what I think is a pretty solid deal if you need 10 servers! $225 each including free delivery and they are taking offers. I am not buying, I don't need...
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    EU Telestream Lightspeed G6 server (UK) - Gone

    Up for auction in the UK, these are professional GPU based video processing servers. I was tempted to buy them to sell the parts on ebay, but I shouldn't be spending that kind of money even if the profit could be excellent. Thus, I humbly offer them to the STH community to make bids, auction...
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    Blade chassis with blades for Intel C246 chipset

    Has anyone seen a blade system which has a blade with the new Intel C246 chipset yet? I am keen on using the new Xeon E 2186G CPUs in a blade configuration because of their ability to do video transcoding with the Intel HD Pro 620 GPU on board but I can only find Mini-ITX boards at the moment.