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    6TB WD Red or 4TB WD Re?

    So, I can either get 6TB Red drives (not pro) for $160, or 4TB Re SAS drives for $130. Both manufacturer refurbs. Use is bulk storage, ZFS on FreeNAS, on 24/7. Will be doing mirrored vdevs. SAS is doable, both with my backplane and my HBA. The capacity of the Red is of course appealing, but...
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    Looking for HDD Deal - 3-6TB

    Hey all. Done with the mess that is Seagate dying on me - 3 in 3 months... Got the green light to get better drives. Looking for Hitachi or WD drives, 3-6TB in capacity. If going 3TB, need at least 3, if doing 4TB up, likely just 2 depending on price. Been googling, not seeing any thrilling...
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    <Rant> Blasted spinny things dying!

    Get an email from my FreeNAS box yesterday saying I had a whopping 16 Offline Uncorrectable Sectors. Not the end of the world, should have a few days to get a replacement in... Start looking for replacement drive deals, so far nothing thrilling. Happened to be looking at the drive stats on...
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    New LSI 9200-8e cards $39.95 shipped

    So, I know not the newest cards, but still very good and useful for jbod external storage. LSI 2008 based cards. Seller even has a save $5 for every 2 you buy! New LSI SAS 9200-8e 6Gb/s Data Transfer Rate 8-Port SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapter Disclaimer: I am not the seller, have not dealt with...
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    Happy New Year from the East Coast!

    Happy New Year folks. May you have a great year to come!
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    Fujitsu version of X520-SR2 for $60

    I've already gotten the one I needed, 2 left. Enjoy! Fujitsu Primergy D2755-A11 SFP+ Dual Port 10Gb PCIe x8 Network Controller Card
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    <RANT>I hate being scammed by people

    So, just finally got my "new" 15k SAS drives from eBay, go down and get them in trays and plugged in, do a short test then look at the summary only to find: Error counter log: Errors Corrected by Total Correction Gigabytes Total ECC rereads/...
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    Merry Christmas to all!

    Hope you have good times with family and friends, good food, and no server down times!!
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    Make your own deal?? DC P3700 800GB Drives

    Hello all, I recently bought some SuperMicro servers from a dealer on eBay, and just got an email this morning about some SSDs. His message: Hello, I have : New SSD Intel DC P3700 800GB 2.5" SSDPE2MD800G4 Qty around 10 They are new and sealed. Please give me your price if you are interested...