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  1. msvirtualguy

    WTB: MEM-DR464MC-ER29 or MEM-DR464MC-ER32 x 12

    I'm starting to reach memory limitaions in my lab with 3 x 128GB Nodes and since i'm on Xeon D 2x platform my only option is to move to 64GB DIMMS as the next logical step. I'm looking for 12 x 64GB DIMMS ECC REGISTERED DDR4 MODEL: MEM-DR464MC-ER29 or MEM-DR464MC-ER32 Please let me know what...
  2. msvirtualguy

    FS: AMD Threadripper Combo: 3970X, Noctua CPU Cooler and ASRock Rack MoBo

    I can't believe no one is jumping on this for this price. You almost had me but 5950x is fine for what I need...still though...very tempting.
  3. msvirtualguy

    Upgrading NAS - Please provide feedback.

    Beginning to wonder of those Optane drives are too small for the video editing use case.
  4. msvirtualguy

    Upgrading NAS - Please provide feedback.

    I have a QNAP TS1685 w/Xeon-D 1521 CPU w/128GB ECC DDR4 2133 RAM and has served me well but i'm running out of capacity and am moving to full on Google NVR Cloud storage so I decided this could be a good opportunity to upgrade some other things besides just my HDD tier. Use cases right now are...
  5. msvirtualguy

    WTB: 6 x Samsung PM883 1.92TB SSD's

    Hi all..been a while. Hope you are all doing well. I'm in the process of upgrading and rebuilding my lab and want to use this opportunity to upgrade my storage capacity. Thought i'd stop in here before I go to ebay. I'm looking for 6 x Samsung PM883 1.92TB SSDs. They have to have Samsung...
  6. msvirtualguy

    Supermicro X11 BMC/iPMI Firmware - 1.17 Anyone have a copy?

    Title says it all folks. I specifically need 1.17 firmware for my X11SDV-8C-TP8F. Since Supermicro has basically removed FTP access to older firmware i'm SOL. Please PM me if you have a copy of the bits. Thank you.
  7. msvirtualguy

    FS: Supermicro X11SDV-4C-TP8F

    Hi folks. My loss, your gain. I ordered another server for my home lab and realized when I got it was the 4 Core/8 Thread version of the CPU instead of the 8 cores I needed. Awesome board, new system pull replacing with 8 core model. This would be great for small form factor NAS, K8s, Virtual...
  8. msvirtualguy

    Client NAS Build

    I didn't pay anywhere near that. It was in the 2.5k range and I upgraded RAM myself as it was way cheaper. There is value in simplicity, however. Time is $ too me.
  9. msvirtualguy

    WWYD - Going Insane On Options for Unraid Build

    Sorry man..not really a "Plex" guy. I just don't see value, personally, in storing and streaming that stored media these days. There are certainly others that have a ton of experience with this and i'll defer to those folks. I'm certain they will ask questions like how many concurrent...
  10. msvirtualguy

    My December 2019 Workstation Build

    I need to ditch the older PCI-E AIC 750 and replace with that U2 card and grab two of those DC P3520's off of ebay. I was thinking of grabbing the Asus or Asrock M.2 NVMe 4 slot add-in to replace it but the cost of the M.2 NVMe drives, especially in the Samsung variant are a little steep. The...
  11. msvirtualguy

    Anyone build or house a server rack under their basement stairs?

    One is M.2 the other two carefully sit in the PCI-E "area."
  12. msvirtualguy

    Client NAS Build

    My QNAP can handle a vast array of GPU's. You are correct, most don't. but there are some that do but I get it, i'm sure there are reasons where these types of solutions don't fit. It's all about he requirements and working back from that.
  13. msvirtualguy

    Anyone build or house a server rack under their basement stairs?

    Ya know..they've talked about it and we given the feedback from the field and they decided not to go that route at the time. These decisions are way above my pay-grade but I get it, an Eval license like VMUG would be beneficial. Community Edition can go 1, 3 or 4 nodes but you don't get...
  14. msvirtualguy

    Anyone build or house a server rack under their basement stairs?

    They are SYS-E300-9D-8CN8TP with rack kits. Each are equipped with 1 x Intel DC S3520 240GB Boot Drive and 2 x 1.2TB Intel S3710 SSD's. I'm running Nutanix AOS w/AHV for the HCI foundation and all latest features/software such as Files/Objects/Calm/Era/Karbon/Prism Pro. (I work at Nutanix) so...
  15. msvirtualguy

    Anyone build or house a server rack under their basement stairs?

    There isn't a separate thread on this cluster, no. What would you like to know?
  16. msvirtualguy

    Client NAS Build

    For some of these very reasons I went with a beefy QNAP and haven't looked back. Expansion of ZFS is whyI shy away, unraid is ok but still limited from a perf perspective and I figured why do I want to manage the software stack when someone else can do that for me and I have great expansion...