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  1. Serverking

    Trying to locate ECC Memory for Supermicro X11SSL

    You can try using non-ECC ram sticks just to see if the server boot up. Some SM lga 1151 boards will boot even when it doesn't say on their site.
  2. Serverking

    Delete plz

    Delete plz
  3. Serverking

    Searching for cheap ECC UDIMM

    @zer0sum You try without using ECC ram?
  4. Serverking

    Quanta D51PH-1ULH bios/BMC and firmware update?

    BIOS: Download Center | QCT- Quanta Cloud Technology Firefox search : D51PH
  5. Serverking

    Canada Canada - WD Golds for >50% off from WD Store

    $20 Keg gift card would be better.
  6. Serverking

    Canada Canada - WD Golds for >50% off from WD Store

    CDW Canada and AMZ did the same thing when CPUs, GPUs were priced wrong, but I friend called in to his account manager at CDW got a $20 Keg gift card as a goodwill gesture.
  7. Serverking

    Canada Canada - WD Golds for >50% off from WD Store

    I have a feeling those prices are wrong, unlikely they will ship but we will see.
  8. Serverking

    [US-NOVA] Need Help Trouble Shooting LGA 3647 Server

    So you want to sell it or have someone come over and try to boot it with their own xeon chip? Not very clear.
  9. Serverking

    FS: Supermicro 5017R-MF 1U Server with CPU/RAM - $99

    @BlueFox Great price... now I even want it. :cool: :cool:
  10. Serverking

    Server and Storage liquidation (DELL, HP, etc.)

    That sure is junk, I'll take it for $50. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  11. Serverking

    [WTB] Looking for Xeon Scalable Silver/Gold CPUs and LGA 3647 motherboards also Xeon 2650 v4 or 2680 v4

    New: Need 2x Xeon 2680 v4 or Xeon 2650 v4. Looking for the following Xeon Silver/Gold cpus (2x) Xeon Silver 4116 Xeon Silver 4114 Xeon Gold 5115 Xeon Gold 5118 Xeon Gold 5120 Also need 1x LGA 3647 ATX/matx/ceb single or dual motherboards with IPMI/BMC ASRock Rack Asus Supermicro Gigabyte...
  12. Serverking

    Colocation Router Needed

    Yes it is. You can get a 1u xeon E3 v3 for around ~$250 USD. I got some links for you if you don't mind me PMing you
  13. Serverking

    [WTS][Worldwide Shipping]DDR3+DDR4 Memory

    @romakrut Your page on ebay?