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    HP Keeps Installing Secret Backdoors in Enterprise Storage

    For the second time in a month, Hewlett-Packard has been forced to admit it built secret backdoors into its enterprise storage products. Interesting read, very sneaky! Source: HP Keeps Installing Secret Backdoors in Enterprise Storage
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    Does anyone else have a Supermicro PWS-865-PQ or have experiences of this PSU?

    Hi All, I have just gone from a dual redundant 745 chassis to a single PSU 743 SQ Chassis. This chassis has a PWS-865-PQ Power supply, all seems to be working fine and is a VERY quiet server chassis I must say, however I am slightly concerned about one thing, if the system is off the PSU...
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    16gb ECC DDR3 Registered RAM FS - Kingston PL310Q/16G Brand New.

    I am having a clear out, these are all brand new. Fill your server :) Product Description Kingston memory - 16 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3 Storage Capacity 16 GB Upgrade Type System specific Technology DDR3 SDRAM Form Factor DIMM 240-pin Data Integrity Check ECC Features...
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    TheBay's For Sale Thread

    Having a change of plan with the house, servers etc as the little one needs his own room so going for smaller units and smaller servers. Have quite a bit to list on eBay and will update this thread as I list each item. Supermicro SuperServer...
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    OI/OmniOS LSI 9207i Soft Errors

    I have tried OI and both OmniOS with Napp-it, everything seems to be working okay but what's concerning me is that every time I check the drive status the Soft error count goes up?. It's not linked to one drive as the Soft error rate goes up on all the drives at the same rate. I have 2 pools...
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    ZFS Drive Spindle Speeds

    I have been collecting 5K3000's 2 TB drives, but now all my sources are exhausted. I need to create a RAIDZ2 array which will have 6x 2TB drives, 4 of these are original Hitachi 5K3000 drives, the other 2 are Toshiba 2TB but re-branded Hitachi 5K3000. The issue I have here is this build is I...
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    Trendnet 5 Port Gigabit Switch - Metal case - Jumbo Frames £11.99 Delivered UK

    Trendnet 5 port gigabit switch, supports jumbo frames, steel case £11.99 delivered from BT Shop UK Cheapest 5 port gigabit switch I could find, let alone one with a metal case, gets good reviews on the egg. TRENDnet 5-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch (TEG-S50g) - BT Shop
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    Toshiba 2TB PA4292E-1HL0 (5K3000) £69 delivered

    Bought a few of these earlier, applicable for those in the UK/EU only though I guess? TOSHIBA DT Desktop Series - 2 TB (PA4292E-1HL0) | Pixmania UK Seem to be a boxed retail part number with 2 year warranty. I was stripping out Touro/Canvio drives but you lose the warranty. Seems to be around...
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    Lsi sas2308 (lsi 9207/9217) hba/raid sgpio

    Does this card support SGPIO via Sideband for a Supermicro SAS-743-TQ Backplane? I ordered a LSI 3Ware 8087 to Sata with Sideband, but the Sideband connecter isn't wired properly and the cable says "Custom i2c with sideband" on the bag. Where can you get a compatible Forward fanout cable with...
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    AIO OS Drive

    Quick question, I'm going to go down the AIO route at home, using a LSI2308 HBA with 5K3000's. ESXi on a USB SLC SSD, what is the best practice for the OI (Or other flavours) install. Install OS to an SSD, does it matter what speed it is as I have an old but un-used 16GB reliable SSD but...
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    Ideal Hardware RAID 1/10 Card for ESXi Datastore

    What's the cheapest ideal RAID 1/10 card for using on SSD's or Spinners for an ESXi datastore? Obviously there are SAS2008 based card's out there, but they lack cache and people have caught on to them so are also pricey for what they are. Any ideas suggestions?, BBU not required as server...
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    FS - TP Link TL-R488T Quad WAN Router/Load balancer

    Excellent condition, Version 3. Latest firmware. Compete with 19" Rack mounts. TL-R488T - Welcome to TP-LINK £20 + Shipping
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    HP N36L Microserver - For Sale

    One of my HP Microserver's For sale, I have stated I won't sell outside of the UK but can make an exception if it's someone on here who want's it shipped as long as you can help me out through the shipping process as it can get complicated :) HP N36L Microserver | eBay
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    WTB - Door Hinges for uSystems rack & DELL 2407WFP TCON board

    Need the two following items, front door hinges for a usystems 7210, but I think other models may fit. Also need a small TCON board from a Dell 2407WFP (sits between screen and mainboard, LVDS controller). Cheers, Dale
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    For Sale - Quad Wan load balancing broadband smb router + Sonicwall Firewall

    For sale TP Link TL-R488T Quad Wan Load Balancing Router with console access, this is Rev 3.0 and in immaculate condition and comes with 19" rack mount brackets. TL-R488T - Welcome to TP-LINK £20+ shipping anywhere in the world. Also I have a SONICWALL PRO-VX Internet Security...
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    Why no avatars?

    I know they can be a bit cheesy and can take up valuable data/bandwidth but would be nice to add a little identity to ourselves, even if the option is just there to link to an external source. I'm awful with names, but always remember a face or a picture.
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    Lost IPMI X9SCL-F!

    Been tinkering with one of the servers today as I needed to use a LAN port on the switch and set this box to share IPMI with NIC1, however I cannot get access to IPMI any more!. I have reset CMOS, re-entered details in to the BMC/IPMI section of the BIOS, even tried 3 different MAC addresses...
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    Supermicro X9SCL/M -F NIC EPROM's - File Attached

    Sometimes when upgrading from Bios v1 to v2 the onboard Intel NIC ROM's can become corrupted, here is a link to a file from Supermicro to flash the nic's rom files which I have uploaded, this also changes the SVID of the LM chip to be correctly identified in some OS's. Not sure what version...
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    Trusty kit you cannot part with!

    I won't even begin to list all the items I've accumulated over the years, but some things I cannot part with and 2 things spring to mind here for me. My IBM Lenovo X60 12" laptop, it's 7 years old, it has 3gb ram and a SSD, the thing will not die/crash or anything. It's lightening fast on...
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    Hot air re-work station

    Not sure if any of you guys deal with electronics of component repairs, but I need a new hot air station, not sure whether to go for a diaphragm or blower type this time? Would usually go Hakko, Pace or Weller but seen a few far eastern things on eBay that seem to get good reviews. Has...