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  1. DaddyGrant

    FS: HPE Micro Gen 10+, HDDs and Switch

    All items are used: Qty 1 - HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Xeon E2224 -$800 (Planned to use for lab but ended up doing nothing with it) W/ 64GB Memory (32GB x2) W/ iLO enablement kit W/ x540 Intel Dual SFP+ NIC Qty 3 - Seagate IronWolf 10TB - ST10000VN0004-1ZD101 (Upgrading to 16TB for...
  2. DaddyGrant


    Hi, I'm looking for a 32GB kit of ECC DDR4 SODIMM. I need two 16GB sticks for a total of 32GBs. I have a FS thread here as well so I'm opening to trading. Thanks!
  3. DaddyGrant

    FS and Free - Various Items

    My journey to minimalism continues. FS: Ubiquity XG 10GB switch - SOLD Nintendo Switch 1st Gen w/ red and blue joycons + mario Cart + OEM and 3rd Party Dock - $350 Aruba IAP-215 - $75 Crucial 8GB kit - 2x4GB - NIB/Sealed DDR44 2400 - $22 Shipped (1 DIMM) Kingston 16GB DDR4-2133P DIMM...
  4. DaddyGrant

    SOLD: NIB HPE MicroServer Gen 10+ E2224

    Hello Everyone I'm selling a brand new in box HPE Microserver Gen 10+ E2224 unit. Performance Model - p16006-001- SOLD I bought two units with thoughts of clustering but I decided to go a different direction to free up the spare closet. More items to come as I "downsize".
  5. DaddyGrant

    FS: Ubiquity stuff, 10TB HDD, HP Micro PC...

    I'm clearing house and consolidating. Some stuff now, some stuff later. Ubiquiti US-16-XG - $475 Seagate IronWolf Pro 10TB (New and Sealed) - $275 Each - 4 Available SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2 2280 512GB PCIe Gen3. X4 (new and sealed)- $140 shipped HP ProDesk 600 G3 mini - Intel Core i5 7500T...
  6. DaddyGrant

    WWYD - Going Insane On Options for Unraid Build

    Hey Guys, I have a AsRock Taichi X370 w/ a Ryzen 1700 and 32GB of ram. I'm not hitting any performance constraints (thanks to the p2000) and it's strictly a media box build for Plex. My SATA cache drive is getting full (95% of the 480GB) and I'm thinking about my next steps. All the PCI-E...
  7. DaddyGrant

    FS: AsRock X399m nATX and Meraki FW

    Clearing out some item. AsRock Tachi X399M Motherboard - $250 Shipped New Meraki MX67 w/ license - Never Activated. The 5yr license was received earlier this year so lets call it 4yrs. $400 shipped
  8. DaddyGrant

    FS: Spring Cleaning

    I've just moved and my new house doesn't have the space for the toys. My loss, your gain. I'll be posting up various items over the next few weeks. 1. Used Qty 1 - QNAP TS-453Be-2G-US SOLD (I upgraded to a larger Ryzen unit) 2. Used- Qty1 - HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5-Inch 6TB 7200RPM SATA III...
  9. DaddyGrant

    WTB - SAS3 PCI-E HBA Card

    Everyone, I'm looking for an SAS3 PCI-E HBA add in card. I need at least 2 ports but 4 would be preferable. LSI Cards preferred. Thanks
  10. DaddyGrant

    Plexinator v1 -

    Build’s Name: Plexinator Operating System/ Storage Platform: Unraid CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 Motherboard: Asrock x370 Taichi Chassis: Storinator AV15 Drives: (15) - 8TB Drives - Already Owned RAM: 16GB Add-in Cards: Intel 10GB AIC, Intel 1.2TB AIC, NVidia P2000 Power Supply: Corsair (Came with...
  11. DaddyGrant

    Fall Moving Sale -added HP dl360p G8

    I'm moving from NYC to Florida so I'm cutting down to consolidate to a Qnap x77 or Storinator AV 15 for my storage/Plex needs. I know I'm confused. :oops: HP DL360p G8 - $700 - dual 2660, 196GB Ram, external SAS controller, Dual SFP+ card w/ optics. dual 146gb 15k hdd. Advanced license on ilo...
  12. DaddyGrant

    Microsoft Ignite 18

    Any of you rock stars attending the event in Orlando? I'm there right now and it's way better than the Cisco Live event a few months ago.
  13. DaddyGrant

    Project: MiniRipper

    Build’s Name: MiniRipper (the simple mind) Operating System/ Storage Platform: UnRaid (To Handle Dockers and a few VMs - Not Used for Storage) CPU: ThreadRipper 1950x Motherboard: Asrock X399M Taichi Chassis: Cerberus mATX Case Drives: (1) Intel DC P3520 1.2TB PCI-E (1) - 500GB 2.5 Hitachi RAM...
  14. DaddyGrant

    FS: Fluke Kit, PCIE SSD , DDR3/4 ECC RAM, 48P-POE SW, SAS2 HBA and more

    A sale to finance my 7900x or 1950x build AND downsize my rack dreams. Edits -3/3/17 -Added Intel DC P3520 - More DDR4 Ram - Intel 10GB Nics i APC UPS -Lowered some prices Deal - Buy the SM XEON D Server and I'll give you the Samsung 16GB x 4 kit for half off -1/20/17 Added DDR4 ECC Memory...
  15. DaddyGrant

    FS: SuperMicro Chassis, NAS Drive , APs, RAM.. and more.

    For Sale - Time to Cut the Fat and finance my ITX Ryzen Build I have a few item left over from my VMWare, PLEx, Sophos XG and lab build that I’m not using. You pay shipping unless noted. Access Points (3) Aruba IAP-225 : Used for two weeks for testing. It's been sitting in storage ever...
  16. DaddyGrant

    FS: APC Network Management 2 Cards

    I have these things laying around from a business closure a while ago. All units have never been used. Level up your APC ;) Buyer pay shipping. (1) AP9631 - in box (Seal broken) $50 SOLD (1) AP9630 - Sealed in BOX $40 SOLD (1) AP9631 - Card only $45 SOLD Heat: daddygrant Edit: Added...
  17. DaddyGrant

    Supermicro E100-9APP as a silent firewall

    Hey Guys, Right now I'm living in a coop so I don't have the space for dedicated equipment. I just upgraded my FIOS to gigabit-ish speeds and I'm looking to replace my Meraki MX65 with something capable. Temporarily, I'm running Sophos XG as a VM on a SM Xeon-D and it can max out my...
  18. DaddyGrant

    FS: Aruba Switch, Portable Monitors, Console Server - DD4 ECC Mem

    (1) Aruba 3500 48P - 48 port POE w/ 4 port SFP+ Module (New - Open Box) - -$400 + shipping (1) On-Lap 2501C (NIB) - Slim portable HDMI monitor- $115 + shipping (1) Asus MB19C+ (NIB) - Slim USB-C monitor - $115 + shipping (1) Tripp-Lite B094-008-2E-M-F (Used - Barely..Looks new) - 8 port serial...
  19. DaddyGrant

    Freenas vs Unraid - Coming to Terms

    I'm not a novice to IT. I work professionally on enterprise gear but I'm building a media server to augment my Qnap TVS-871 w/ Raid 6 and I would like some guidance in the home space. I needed to do this for a few reason. 1. I am running out of space and dodn't want to buy 8 drives to...
  20. DaddyGrant

    How would you build it? My single host issue.

    Ok guys I have one SuperMicro SYS-5028D-TN4T w/64GB of RAM. I'll like to use it as a ESX 6.5 host with an accelerated datastore. I can tolerate dataloss if needed because everything will be backed up to a QNAP. Below is all the raw storage I have on the desk. I dream of a signal node...