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  1. andrewbedia

    Water Panther (WP) drives

    Starting a thread on this. They are another white labeling company, but seem to be far more... desirable (?) than GoHardDrive. Looks like their drives come with a 2 year warranty. Purchased two 12TB SATA drives from them with Costco VISA (bumping warranty to 4 years). Here is an exact link to...
  2. andrewbedia

    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    Just wanted to share some information with the wonderful folks on STH forums. I stumbled on this about nine months ago by accident digging in aliexpress. There are adapters being sold by two Chinese domestic market companies that allow multiple NVMe drives on the same slot without requiring...
  3. andrewbedia

    SE316M1 firmware?

    Anyone have the firmware for these? I know this thing is basically a boat anchor because of its age, but I do actually have a working one that has R02 (2009) firmware. I've read there is R02 (2011) firmware or newer through a lot of googling, but haven't found a way to get it. I think this is...
  4. andrewbedia

    poor nvme performance on broadcom 9440-8i / lenovo 530-8i?

    I got a pair of these cards and one of the overpriced LSI cables to make it work with NVMe. I've got it flashed to latest firmware and have a P3500 2TB drive hooked to it. Before using it on this tri-mode HBA, I used it on a PCIe card converter and I was getting 3GB/s reads. This broadcom card...
  5. andrewbedia

    Issues formatting 8TB 512e to 4Kn

    I've done this several times with He8 and He10 SAS 512e drives to get physical and logical units to both be 4096. However, I have a stack of ST8000NM0075 drives that I'm trying to do this to and keep getting 4224 physical and 528 bytes logical. I've tried: sg_format --size=4096 --format...
  6. andrewbedia

    pfsense site-to-site openvpn

    Got a bit of an issue where I have a site-to-site OpenVPN going between two pfSense boxes. Pfsense vpn server (In Diagnostics -> Ping) ping tunnel address of pfsense vpn client (x.x.x.2) -- Success ping to a machine on pfsense vpn client's local network -- Failure Pfsense vpn client (In...
  7. andrewbedia

    crossflashing dell 6gbps sas hba

    Very similar to H200/H310. Things went sideways and I'm just trying to flash 6gbpsas.fw to it using Updated: SAS HBA crossflashing or flashing to IT mode, Dell Perc H200 and H310 ...I'll just keep it simple and attach a photo
  8. andrewbedia

    PRO/1000 PT Short Brackets

    Will these fit the dual port PRO/1000 PT cards like EXPI9402PTBLK Intel PRO/1000 Pt dual port pcie Network Card, EXPI9402PT I've got the card already but want to convert it...
  9. andrewbedia

    RMS25KB080 not working

    I bought two of these Intel RMS25KB080 6Gb/s SAS/SATA Integrated RAID Module G35828-310 w/bracket 100% Neither one shows a bios nor shows up in device manager. Am I missing something obvious? I'm using an ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE board running Windows 10 and I've tried both the second x16 PCIe 3.0...
  10. andrewbedia

    Cheap LGA1356 E5-2450L

    Seller is accepting $50 offers. Intel Xeon E5-2450L 1.8GHz 8-Core CPU SR0LH
  11. andrewbedia

    3D printing HP Non Hot-Swap drive trays

    Curious. Can anyone here 3D Print things, and if so, how much for (accurately) printing this: HP Proliant 652998-001 Gen8 LFF Non Hot Plug Drive Tray / Caddy replacement by DennisTheMenace I haven't gotten it yet, but I have a HP cage that takes NON HOT PLUG trays, which aren't the normal...
  12. andrewbedia

    HP Gen8 (and newer trays): Can you use hot plug in non?

    UPDATE: The smart trays do work in the non hot plug slots (tested this). No extra force required. I'd be willing to bet that the dumb trays fit the smart slots as well, but I'm not spending $20-25 on a dumb tray to find out. The smart trays are cheaper ($10-15). So they have these new...
  13. andrewbedia

    OCZ Website

    WTF happened to it? There's almost no information about their SSDs, and there isn't any information on there about their enterprise SSDs. No legacy info, no data sheets. Did I miss something? Wasn't it fine a few months ago? I remember being able to read data sheets on the Deneva 2 R and when I...
  14. andrewbedia


    Not paid to shill for them, nor have they ever contacted me. I used to use a program called Ad Muncher that used to kill off ads that things like Adblock Plus couldn't touch (it just flat out was more effective at doing its job). The developer has since made the product free, but that may have...
  15. andrewbedia

    pfSense 2.3 UI changes (gripes and complaints)

    EDIT: Not really "hardware". Please move it to where it belongs if you feel so compelled. Been a while since I've posted anything. So there's this thing called pfSense 2.3 Am I the only one that is having a strong dislike for the new revised UI? I feel like RRD Graphs (now "Monitoring") has...
  16. andrewbedia

    4TB Enterprise SATA 7.2K Toshiba NEW $114ea

    Surprised nobody has posted this. Brand new, $114 TOSHIBA MD04ACA400 4 TB 7200RPM 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s 64MB cache Enterprise Hard Drive
  17. andrewbedia

    Seagate ST3000DM001 lawsuit

    OC3D :: Article :: Seagate Hit with Class Action Lawsuit for High Failure Rates :: Seagate Hit with Class Action Lawsuit for High Failure Rates
  18. andrewbedia

    New 4TB Toshiba SATA Enterprise $119 (MD04ACA400)

    nevermind. someone purge this.
  19. andrewbedia

    WD4000FYYZ WD RE SATA $119

    "more than 10 available" Western Digital RE 4TB ENTERPRISE 7200RPM 64MB SATA 6 Gbs 3.5" HDD WD4000FYYZ WD SATA, not SAS. Kind of rare for the SATA ones to come down this low.
  20. andrewbedia

    WD4001FYYG 4TB SAS 7.2K $99 FS

    "More than 10 available" Western Digital WD4001FYYG-01SL3W0 4TB 3.5" SAS Hard Drive | 7200RPM | 6.0Gb/s