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    (US-FL) WTB: 3/4U Chassis that has 8-10 Hot Swap SAS/SATA

    I am looking to move my NAS from a Node 804 to something rack mountable. Prefer options that have quiet fans and allow ATX PSU as I already have that. MB is MicroATX. Looking for something like the iStarUSA D-3100HB . Thanks!
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    AliExpress Mini PC Xeon D1581 $450

    This barebones seems like a win. I'm thinking about buying one to tinker with. Thoughts? This little Xeon is 16c/32t at 1-8-2.4GHz 453.64US $ 40% OFF|9th Gen Mini Gaming Pc Intel Xeon D1581 Core i3 9100F i5 9400F i7 9700F MSI GTX1650 GDDR5 DVI HD DP 4K Multi Display AC WiFi|Mini PC| -...
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    Issue with Supermicro Board LE6 Red Light multiple PSUs

    Looking for some ideas for what could be wrong with my NAS. I bought a used supermicro combo last year that has been working great until recently. Specs: Supermicro x10srm-f Xeon E5 V3 4x32GB ECC Ram Seasonic Prime Ultra 750 PSU Home built TrueNas stops working, LED le6 solid red on mobo...
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    Home Rack Ideas

    Moving later this year and will have a dedicated closet for my network/lab. Requirements were simple until I found a deal on a Vertiv 3000VA UPS. Now I'm here planning a 30amp twist lock receptacle. Any good ideas of wall mount racks that maybe extend to the floor or otherwise can support ~200...
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    Should I go with x99 or move on?

    I have an old workstation that was my primary gaming computer for years. I'm wondering if its a good value to upgrade the current setup with a motherboard I already own. Current freenas setup: E3-1286L v3 32GB RAM Intel low-end server MB Proposed setup: ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer i7-5820K...
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    Looking for Used/Refurb Dell Server Seller

    Any suggestions on a good reseller for buying used Dell servers? Prefer a real company other than just a hobbyist.
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    FS: 2x Intel i5 NUC with 16GB RAM

    I have 2 Intel NUCs for sale. I can take PayPal for payment. Unit 1 (120GB) $125 Shipped - SOLD! Unit 2 (60GB) $115 Shipped NOW $110 SHIPPED INCLUDING Extra Top. Model: D5420WYK Specs: i5-4250U 16GB Crucial Memory Intel 5000 Integrated Graphics & Audio Mini-Display Port/Mini-HDMI Out 6x USB...
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    FS: NVME, DDR4, WAPs, GTX970

    Looking to sell the following: Everything includes what is pictured only. I don't have any other accessories/etc for these items, unless pictured. Please contact me with any questions. If prices seem out of line, please let me know. I accept PayPal primarily, but I can accept cash if you are...
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    FS: Samsung Pro 950 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD $100

    I just replaced my SSD with a new one with more capacity and need to send this to its next life. I have: Used Samsung SSD 950 PRO NVME 512GB M.2 Looking for $100 shipped - payment via PayPal. I can ship as early as tomorrow. I am in Florida, USA. I have plenty of eBay feedback if references...
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    NewEgg Open Box US-16-XG-US $432

    Think this might be a good deal for someone... Open Box: Ubiquiti Networks US-16-XG-US 10G 16-Port Managed Aggregation Switch -
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    CPU Suggestions X99

    Considerinng swapping my CPU and RAM to Xeon with 32GB DDR4 ECC. What’s a good price/performance CPU for a single cpu workstation that will also be used for gaming. Single core performance is a concern. MB is Asrock X99M Killer. It’s got a long list of compatible Xeons. Has 4 DIMM slots...
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    Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR-US 802.11ac Long Range AP - $89 Free Ship

    Hope someone can use this... Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-LR-US 802.11ac Long Range Access Point -
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    CDW 480GB SSD (HPE) $132

    Seems decent for a new drive. Looks to be enterprise read-intensive. Not sure if the 3 year warranty applies. HPE 480GB SATA RI LFF SCC DS SSD (BS - 877748-B21-BSTK - Z - CDW Internal Use/Service Pts -
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    FS: 256GB DELL DDR3 ECC Server RAM

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    Good places to search for used Servers...(other than eBay)

    I need a small 1U box to run some freepbx on. Ideally, a simple refurb Dell R210 would suffice. However, I can't use auctions (ebay/etc). Can anyone give me some ideas of sites that sell reasonably priced refurb Dell servers? I've googled but it seems everything is 2-4x higher than eBay. Thanks...
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    Suggestions for Cheap SIP Phones

    I'm looking for some SIP compatible phones for use in a build I'm doing for a small company. Use case: 14x small 1-4 person conference rooms. Will rely on speakerphone heavily - so speakerphone/mic quality is primary. Don't want to spend conference phone money in rooms smaller than 4 people...
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    CDW - 4TB WD Black Drive $88

    Seems like a decent deal. These are $184 at newegg. WD BLK 4TB 7.2K SATA 6G 3.5IN 128MB - WD4004FZWX-BSTK - Z - CDW Internal Use/Service Pts -
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    External enclosure for m.2 SSD?

    A while back I moved from a Plextor drive to a Samsung NVME in my main desktop. I don’t have another device that natively takes the m.2 format so I was hoping I could find an external enclosure for it that was USB based. My drive is: plextor M6e(A) M.2 2280 PCIe Gen2 x2, looks like B+M key...
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    Motherboard Suggestion

    Looking for a motherboard for FreeNAS machine. I have RAM, I will source a CPU and mobo. Primary need: I'm trying to use some RAM I already have. This is the DDR3 ECC commonly in Dell R610, etc. It is labeled as SAMSUNG M393B2K70DMB-YH9 PC3-1000R ECC Reg Quad Rank X4 1.35V CL9 240-Pin. Other...
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    Cheap Option 10GB from PC-NAS?

    Looking for the most cost effective solution to get data from my primary PC to my FreeNAS. Main PC is Windows 10, i7-5820K, 16GB DDR4, Samsung 950 NVME FreeNas is 11.1-U4, i7-2600, 32GB, 5x8TB RED on 6Gb LSI SAS controller I have spare PCI express slots in each system. They are about 6 feet...