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    Silly question re Zeusram drives

    Ok I get that Zeusram drives are fast, what I don't understand is why someone would get one, versus 8 gb more ram if the latter is a possibility. Could someone please enlighten me?
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    Hillarious Connectx-3 on ebay

    So... I did a search for connectx-3 and came across this: NEW Mellanox Dual 40/56GbE QSFP CX314A ConnectX-3 40GB Card PCI-E MCX314A-BCBT I had to laugh
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    Seeking recommendations re home storage

    Hi All, I currently have a 7 disk mdraid lvm raid6 array using an ext4 filesystem. I am wondering how I can better secure my data from hardware failure. In a nutshell, I have a whole lot of files which rarely change, are relatively large, and I wouldn’t really lose sleep over if I lost. I...
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    What should I look for? - Specific requirements

    Hi All, I'm looking for a compact, low power system for running 2 virtual machines: 1. Mythbuntu install - to stream to clients which are sufficiently powerful for decode etc 2. Misc Downloader - To download to a NAS - Knowing me I will probably use Lubuntu for this. Mythbuntu probably needs...
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    WTB cheap mATX socket 1150 Mobo (special requirements)

    Hi All, I'm looking for a rather special socket 1150 motherboard. Must have the following base requirements: Support for Gen 2 haswell (4790 chip) 4x ddr3 memory slots (must work with non ecc!) VT-D support 2x Pci-e 8x (or 16) - 3.0 or 2.0 doesn't matter 1x Pci-e 1x or above - 3.0 or 2.0...
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    Looking for a WAP Linux distribution and nic

    Hey all, I am looking to consolidate my WAP into my esxi box, and wondering which distribution to go with. It needs to have basic WPA2, a MAC filter, and support reasonably fast 802.11ac but aside from that it really doesn't need much. Any recommendations?
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    Help! Having issues getting network going (esxi 6u1, Chelsio t420-so-cr)

    So I swapped from a Mellanox connectx2 (which worked perfectly OK) to a Chelsio t420 on my esxi box and I am having trouble getting network traffic over it. I've installed the latest beta drivers, 1.4.1 on the box, the Nic is detected and it sees the network up/down. But no observed IP range...
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    Help getting Mellanox ConnectX-2 working in Windows 10

    So.. Not sure what's going on.. Was hoping for plug and play but it ain't happening Installed Connectx-2 driver (5.10) and windows and the bios both detect the device as a PCI Memory controller. Tried manually selecting the connectx-2 driver for it, Device failed to start Any tips?
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    Constellation - My new home/home office server build

    Build’s Name: Constellation Operating System/ Storage Platform: ESXi 6.0, Lubuntu (14.04 LTS), Mythbuntu, Pfsense (others to come) CPU: Was i5-4570T, now is i7-4790 (running at -0.2v offset) Motherboard: AsRock B85m Pro4 Chassis: Fractal Design Define Mini Drives: 7x 2.0TB Seagate constellation...