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    DataDirect Networks (DDN) SFA7700

    Anyone got experience with old DDN equipment? I've picked up a couple of massive 60 disk top loader units that actually have little Xeon "canisters" in the back that power the whole thing, but I can't get them to post, nor is there much info about them on the web. Here's what they are...
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    10 Intel NUC's + 5 Nvidia Jetson TK1's Mini PC 1u Single Board Computer Array

    Saw it on reddit, looks like a pretty interesting setup. Seller has hundreds of them apparently. 10 x Intel Nuc N3700 Quad Core Pentium 1.6Ghz (Ram & HDD removed) 5 x Nvidia Jetson TK1 graphics units 1 x Netgear Prosafe 16 Port Gigabit Switch GS116 1 x Mean Well LRS-350-12 12V Power Supply...
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    $199(US) - Chenbro NR40700 4U 48-Bay Storage Chassis w/Rails & PSupplies

    I just ordered one of these, says it's new but doesn't come with any drive trays. I've seen other sellers say they have a STL for download to 3d print trays, if I can't find that I'll try making my own. $199 + ship, he's got 26 left: SuperMicro Chenbro NR40700 4U 48-Bay Storage Chassis w/Rails...