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    [FS][US-CA]Intel D3-S4510 S4510 3.84tb, S4610 960gb, Optane 900P 480gb AIC, Samsung PM883 1.92tb, PM983 3.84tb

    Hi all, Selling: -Intel D3-S4510 3.84tb 2.5" SATA 5tb of total write, warranty to May 2025, 13 PBW endurance (could HPA to ~3tb to get 4 DWPD i.e. 22 PBW) -Intel D3-S4610 960gb 2.5" SATA SSD. 3 dwpd < 2tb of writing 100% health, warranty 2024 Asking 190 shipped -Optane 900P 480gb AIC 13tb...
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    dead - Kioxia XD5 m.2 22110 1.92tb $155 obo @ebay US

    Toshiba KXD51LN11T92 Hard Drive XD5 1.92TB NVMe M.2 22x110mm | eBay The seller seemed to accept $140 offer but not any lower. Looks decent? My impression is that Kioxia enterprise doesn't have its own toolbox and firmware isn't that accessible.
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    ebay US - Kioxia (Toshiba) CM5-R NVME 3.84tb - $270 (scam?) KCM5DRUG3T84 Price looks decent. Not sure about firmware update or other support though. Also seller account is very new with apparently fake feedback. edit: Listing plainly copied from this Now having less hope that...
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    US-Ebay INTEL OPTANE SSD P4800X 750GB - sold out

    Title says it. Shows one left for now. edit: sold out link removed to not make excitement and then disappointment. And I misread the comment for a second thinking I was criticized for posting one-available deal... FYI ebay lets you search for sold anytime anyway.
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    Does Toshiba (Kioxia) have a "toolbox" for CM5 enterprise SSD?

    Hi All, I am wondering about the title. The Kioxia webpage only offers some whitepapers for download. Is there at least a firmware updater sort of thing? Thanks,
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    sold: US-CA Optane 800P 118gb

    Intel Optane 905p 380GB M.2 22110 NVME sold P4610 3.2tb NVME 2.5" Optane 800p 1118gb 2280 M.2 Sandisk Cloudspeed Eco Gen II 1.92tb Samsung Oracle PM1725 3.2tb NVME 2.5" S3520 2.5" SATA 480GB perfect aesthetic condition Accepting paypal, OBO please Shipping to where USPS priority...
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    High CRC error (C7) with PCIe drive

    solved (sort of)
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    Intel Optane 905P 380GB 22110 - nevermind sold out

    -- Oops it's sold out. Thought there were 4 left.
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    [Sold]Intel P4500 U.2 2TB new & Samsung PM953 960GB 22110

    Hi All, I have one Intel P4500 2.5" 2TB drive and one Samsung PM953 960 GB drive for sale. P4500 is new sealed with warranty til 2024. Asking $250 shipped. PM953 has light usage. Asking $100 shipped. sold Shipping to US locations where USPS priority reaches. Please feel free to OBO. Thanks.