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    Is this even real?

    I am seeing this ad on STH, but clicking on it is just an email optin form. Is this trade-in for a $1000+ server even real?
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    New Colocation Space - Interest?

    Decided to create new thread. I see there has been interest in Colo space. Im interested in possibly setting up a colocation space to sell server space where I currently run a couple racks of servers for my biz ( almost for 2 years now) and a few asic miners. It's not really setup for...
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    Prime Day Deals Thread

    post the best prime day deals.
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    testing memory fastest way to find bad stick

    I am having an issue that I fixed on another server by testing each stick of memory with memtest86 and removing the one bade module. I have another server doing same thing. So I am starting same process, but wondering what your process is. I am trying to find the bad module(s) as fast as...
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    Opyc - The 5 million IOPS R/W Mysql server build

    -Supermicro Motherboard Mbd-h11dsi-nt -2x AMD EPYC 32 Core Processor 7601 2.20ghz Processors -256GB (16x16gb) 2666Mhz DDR4 (to be increased in a few months if needed) -10x 900p 280gb Optane U.2 Drives ZFS Striped. -2x Highpoint SSD7101A-1 cards for 8x M.2->U.2 Optane connections -2x onboard...