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    Dell Powerconnect 7048p Bind MAC to VLAN

    Hello all, I finally got around to upgrading to a PowerConnect 7048P from my netgear GS748TP (For sale if anyone is interested) primarily because it couldn't power my PTZ PoE camera. it also adds two 10GBE SFP ports and two 10GBE RJ-45 ports for uplinks. The switch is in place and working...
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    Off site 2 way sync, dissimilar OS

    Hi guys, I'm trying to identify a good method of conducting a 2 way sync between a ZFS (OmiOS) array and a remote windows owned hardware array. Both have nfs and samba shares. The arays are around 20TB in size with 16TB utilization. Please don't tell me to switch the hardware windows machine...
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    Mounting napp-it NFS share in ESXi 6.5

    Hey all, Been a very busy couple years and I haven't had much time for my home server setup. Just trying to get some things working again. I have ESXi 6.5 running Openindiana and Napp-IT. There is a pool called Atlantis-NAS and a ZFS filesystem also called Atlantis-NAS. I had no problem...
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    FS: Mellanox SX6036 and ConnectX-2 VPI cards

    Good day all! I just upgraded my lab network and I'm selling off some of my old Infiniband equipment. I have a SX6036 for sale at the following link that has been fully upgraded to the latest MLNX OS and it is licensed for 56Gb. If you are interested, I will sell the switch to a STH member...
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    Linux-Bench Error

    Sorry if I'm messing something up, but I'm having problems with Linux-Bench. I originally tried running under Ubuntu-Gnome 16.04 since that is what our office uses and it is the latest LTS. I couldn't get curl to install with the code on the website... I kept getting errors along the lines of...
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    Unable to retrieve Linux-Bench results

    I'm attempting to run Linux-Bench for the first time and am having some difficulties. Upon completion, Linux-Bench gives me a results tracking number. I type that number into Parser and get blanks for each of the results. What's going on here? Firewall? Its a corporate firewall and I'm...
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    Benchmarking NAS drives

    Gentlemen, Just started a new job and am having to benchmark a proprietary 3rd party NAS product that must remain unnamed. I mapped the network drive and have access to its shared content, but none of the benchmarking utilities I've tried so far can see it. Under Windows 7, I've tried...
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    Openindiana infiniband - doesn't detect link

    So here I am showing my ignorance regarding infiniband, again. I've tried to set up infiniband under both Solaris 11.1 and Openindiana 151a8 on a C6100 node with a Connectx-2 VPI cards running the latest firmware. I used device manager to install the hermon driver and used terminal to install...
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    2308 based Intel HBA Warning

    Just wanted to share a recent experience regarding an Intel RMS25KB080 HBA. I managed to pick one up cheep and excitedly plugged it in to my C6100, played with wiring to connect it the the mid-plane and fired it up. Much to my surprise, it didn't detect the card in bios let alone windows 2012...
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    Amongst the worlds earliest computers

    Kind of a cool machine. Also cool to see how far we have come. The Writer Automaton, Switzerland
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    OpenIndiana/Napp-it broken

    So I've got a weird problem. I'm attempting to create a iSCSI target as I have done numerous times in the past and am meeting failure with a new install of each. Using Napp-it, when I navigate to the create target page, I'm met with create target group and not create target. Note I get to the...
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    WTS: HP Infiniband ConnectX VPI QDR Card

    I have 2 HP ConnectX VPI adapters for sale on ebay. They were pulled working and are no longer needed as i just upgraded to FDR cards. I will give STHers a discount. Send me a pm. URL:
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    Infiniband Testing for High Speed Low Power AIO

    Purpose / end state goal: I intend to build 2 new ESXi Servers on Xeon E3-1200v3 architecture in order to run a high efficiency network with minimal “always on” physical network hardware. This means no always on physical switch and favoring multiple NICs to form a soft-switch to cover down...
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    RAMdisk Software

    All, What software do you like for RAMdisk? I Just picked up two HP QDR infiniband cards that need to be installed and tested. I'm looking for free and simple. I'm installing under two ESXi Hosts and have both Windows and Linux VMs available. I would prefer windows since that will be...
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    So, lets talk SR-IOV. I was just reading up on it and think I understand based on the following article: What is SR-IOV? - - The weblog of an IT pro specializing in virtualization, storage, and servers My main question is, how this is useful in a pfsense environment as...
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    Open Nebula

    Has anyone tried Open Nebula for cloud management? If so, please provide opinions and thoughts. I'm considering trying to manage vCloud with it.
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    All, Is anyone playing with VMware vCloud? I'm not sure how to manage it. I installed ESXi on 2 nodes in my C6100, installed the vCloud key but see no additional functionality in vSphere client. I attempted to import vcenter .ova, but it fails. I also imported vCloud director .ova. It...