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    Cryptonote coins

    OK, so we all love our CPU farms and love cryptonote because it's viable when BTC is at a certain place and the altcoin market is active. However it's worth taking a small community look on what all these fake/shit/clones are actually doing - and if they actually have some cool tech in what they...
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    ASrockrack 2U4N-F/X200

    Recently was following a blog by lukminer, after he did the record for biggest hashing power under 1 machine (4u build with multiple Phi cards). Was pleased to find a more recent update about a pre-built solution that uses socket baesde PHIs as opposed to the Cards. ASrockrack is ASrock's...
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    Soldered Celeron Boards, with 4 in 1 USB risers

    Inspired by Klee's fancy long board, I went looking at brand name motherboards with soldered Celerons. And stumbled on an interesting arrangement. $80 for a mobo, $25 for the 4 in1 adapter. Searching on the forums seems you can comfortably run 4 VEGAs off this 4 in 1 PCI adapter. Obviously...