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    FS: Many, many home lab and home server items

    @Sleyk - The reason is okay. I probably should spend less time (and money) and learning IT and more with the family. They certainly get their time though so they definitely don't go without. They are first, they know it and I make sure my employer knows it. No job is worth selling your soul...
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    FS: Many, many home lab and home server items

    Thanks, @Samir. I appreciate it. She went from nothing to high Stage 3 cancer in under a year. The bright side of it all is she is healing, but we have at least another year before she is done with treatment, surgeries, etc. I have returned the small number of responses back I received. I...
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    FS: Many, many home lab and home server items

    @sergi0 - I do. Work challenges (where other haven't done what they were supposed to do) have kicked in along with other life challenges. In the end, it's all good and it all will be okay. I've found I have a greater desire to read and find some therapy in writing and teaching (teaching new...
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    Be careful out there riding motorcycles

    All, please be careful when riding around and be careful with other drivers. Especially with the texting and driving, etc. going on. Whatever it is it can wait until you are in a safe area to do so. Lost a friend in a bike accident a little over 1 week ago. He was 27 years ago and a birthday...
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    FS: Many, many home lab and home server items

    Good afternoon, All. I've been out of pocket for a while. I am selling everything I have from my home, home lab or otherwise project list. Wife was diagnosed with an illness that has been taking most of my time and will continue to do so for the next year at least. All prices are unshipped...
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    FS: Dell Wyse 5070 J5005 with SFP 2nd NIC

    How is this useful outside of a VDI environment?
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    FS: BNIB SuperMicro X10DRLi (full system)

    @cw823 - phrasing changed. Handling fees are not against TOS. Please contact me directly if you have an issue with a post. Currently pending.
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    FS: BNIB SuperMicro X10DRLi (full system)

    Up for sale today is a BNIB SuperMicro X10DRLi with 2x E5-2630V4 ES (Same stepping as retail) procs, 128GB (8x16GB) Hynix DDR4 Reg. ECC, 2x BNIB Intel TS13A Coolers. Ram is basically new as it was taken out of a new server and replaced with 32GB sticks. I bought this for a ZFS barebones and VM...
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    EU DONE .... WTB: Xeon x3400 and DDR3 1066/1333Mhz UDIMM

    Does he need/want a server class system or would a desktop do? I have a Z170 desktop barebones mid-tower you can have for shipping cost. I built it for firefighters in CA but the person turned it down.
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    iXsystems TrueNAS Mini X+ ZFS NAS Review

    @Evan - I am more so interested if the backplane can even accommodate SAS drives. It appears in the pictures it can (no separation in the power and data connections) but the description states differently.
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    WTB DDR3 ECC Unbuffered 8gb sticks

    I am reorganizing my junk/stash at the moment, so I will know specifically what I have shortly.
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    iXsystems TrueNAS Mini X+ ZFS NAS Review

    Just so I understand this correctly the backplane is not compatible with SAS drives. Correct?
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    WTB DDR3 ECC Unbuffered 8gb sticks

    How many do you need? Memory speed matter? I have a stack here.
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    EXPIRED WD EasyShuck 18TB 279.99

    WD180EDFZ from Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    Most Seasonic PSUs (especially high end like the Prime) will not kick the fan on until the load justifies it.
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    I'm not going to go off just a screenshot as it's that - a screenshot. If your system thinks they are A0 stepping then that's the reality that needs to be worked in. As posted above, you can try one and CPU if that helps. Or you can try swapping them in sockets. If they don't work in pairs...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    You could try to downgrade the BIOS. I doubt it will work though A0 steppings were unstable typically.
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    [WTB] Basic ATX Case

    I have a z170 barebone just about for the cost of a case.
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    Backup Software Experience/Recommendations

    Windows or Linux?
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    Found - WTB SATA M.2 drive 2280

    I have a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB sitting here if you still need one.