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    NVLINK bridge use in datacenter?

    Hi, Just curious if anyone has experience of actually using one of those NVLINK bridges across GPUs in a datacenter? Most rackmount chassis don't position the GPUs where they can be used, seems intended for tower cases?
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    Current server pricing?

    Hi, I'm interested in approx/range pricing everyone else is paying for a standard (non-vsan) VM server? The latest quote I have through my regular purchase channel is pretty close to list? I know the supply channel is an unprecedented mess right now, but suspect we could do (much) better...
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    Too many places to comment on posts?

    Hi, Just an observation that there are multiple places to comment on STH posts, and many don't garner replies? The least effective appears to be the "STH Main Site Posts" section on the forum? Sometimes a discussion gets going on comments below articles on the main site, though STH rarely...
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    Shared SAN

    Hi, Forgive my ignorance but I'm new to VMWare/storage. My project needs shared storage for a VMWare cluster. Our DC manager has sworn off vSAN. What would you recommend for: Just storage for 10-20 VMs with snapshots Not performance critical O(50TB) capacity? 16GFC Long-term reliability/low...
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    Optimal Core Count/Interconnect balance?

    Hi, Is there an optimal number of cores for interconnect within a socket? The older intel Xeons had the ring bus, the newer SPs have mesh, I've not researched the EPYC interconnect. Is there a number of cores for each generation at which the interconnect is balanced, above which there is...
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    Socket Direct OCP NIC 3.0?

    Hi, Mellanox have had "socket direct" adaptors since ConnectX-5 which avoid cross-socket bottlenecks by plugging into 2 PCIe slots: Unfortunately they don't seem to be widely available/adopted? There was a talk at the last OCP...
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    Firmware management?

    Hi, How is everyone managing firmware for (heterogeneous) fleets of servers? I've done individual servers via IDRAC or ILO GUIs but there must be a better way? Is it possible to curate a local firmware repo then command all machines auto-update? Thanks!
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    Future data center power/cooling?

    Hi, I've seen hints in posts that future processors will be higher TDP, generally power density going up, and even some references to liquid cooling! I can see the power-density with modern servers packed with NVME drives, GPUs, and high-speed networking. I guess the future processor TDP is...