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    Lot of 140 SuperMicro 2-Node 2u Servers 6027TR-DTRF

    140 x 6027TR-DTRF ; from a LinkedIn server farm With heatsinks and rails. No cpu/ram/hd. Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 2U | 6027TR-DTRF Located in Wyoming, local pickup only. Here is my ebay auction; Lot of 140 SuperMicro 2-Node 2u Servers 6027TR-DTRF | eBay $40k Thanks, Jeff
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    Managing taxes when mining/trading a cryptocurrency

    I started mining in 2018. I'm trying to setup a system to record mining income and trades for tax reporting. I mine/trade a dozen or so currencies, so I have multiple wallets, multiple pools, multiple exchanges... This could get complex. What is you approach to dealing with all this? My first...
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    Mining Bandwidth

    How much internet bandwidth do you need during mining? Let's say you have 1000 machines mining Monero, what would be the minimum internet bandwidth requirement? Thanks, Jeff