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    UK Tesla K80 £199

    I spot them often for 110 to 150 usd shipped international. There is already a thread on this of a USA deal here. They come and go.
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    UK Tesla K80 £199

    M40 were available for half that. not sure why you would buy this one
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    3080 deep learning rig questions

    why are you bottlenecked by storage? if you are swapping to storage during training, arent you doing something wrong?
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    Possible to Remember Sort on forums?

    Every time I go to Great Deals/For Sale, my purpose is to see if there are any new deals or sales. So I have to change the sort from Last Message Descending to First Message Descending (4 clicks). This is stressing me out. Possible to remember last sort?
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    there are few or no good reason to buy a slow 12gb vs a 4 times faster 8gb. the 24gb model might be more useful and worth the slowness, but they are never cheap.
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    singles are 32 bit. halves are 16 bit, doubles are 64 bit you dont need these cards for deep learning. just get a consumer RTX card. even a RTX 2060 demolishes these. and if you want to spend more, a 3060Ti is all you need. Demolishing $8000 cards.
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    only for doubles. who uses doubles these days tho. k80 you have back to front. its much much slower on singles.
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    thanks for post. btw what legitimate purpose is hashcat?
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    Supermicro X10DRG-Q Motherboard Dual Socket R3 $200+shipping

    what are you doing with these bountiful pcie boards ? and why these over cheap x99 dual boards from china?
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    FS: Intel Xeon Server Cluster - 37 Servers Total - $7000 for all

    Its been a while. I hope you can find a buyer. have you considered selling them on ebay individually?
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    STH Forums a New Look and How to Switch to Dark Theme

    i complained about this on the previous design. The Deals and For Sale pages, its 100x more useful to sort by Start Date, not last post. I want to see the latest deal or sale. Why do I care what people are chatting about on irrelevant threads? Yet you have removed the sort option completely on...
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    FS: Ultimate Workstation-server 2x Xeon platinum 8176 ES 56 cores 112 thread and 4x D5-P442 -[US,MI]

    hard to price because of storage. recommend sell that separately.
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    E7-8880 v4 (2.2GHz, 22 core) ES $350obo+shipping/each

    they are cheap because noone can use them because E7 motherboards are as rare as hens teeth.
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    older HP gear I had to use old IE to get the Java to run. did you try IE?
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    isnt that motherboard a Xeon-W motherboard not E5 scalable motherboard? i guess thats what you meant by foolish?
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    Dual Xeon 2696 v3 upgrade for chess

    you would look at the program you are running and what AVX modes it utilises. each cpu can do a certain number of AVX per tick. if the program uses AVX-512 the Xeon scalables are twice as fast as 2nd gen EPYC per tick. if its just AVX, they will be the same per tick. older 1st gen EPYC are half...
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    Dual Xeon 2696 v3 upgrade for chess

    actually cores multiplied by all-core boost frequency multiplied by operations per tick
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    EU GPU Deep Learning Server 8xV100 SMX2

    the only people who want you to use big models are the people selling the hardware. its a scam sorry. who did the largest state of the art 33GB model recently? nvidia. hmm what a coincidence. dont be a sheep homey (unless you make money being a sheep and i cant blame u.. :p)
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    EU GPU Deep Learning Server 8xV100 SMX2

    gpu direct and Nvlink are Nvidias way to cover up deep learnings dark secret that it doesn’t scale. it’s not embarrassingly parallel. Researchers are too busy Buying these as a stop gap and not focusing on the hard questions. this is why I say a 2080ti farm is the go for actual work these...
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    EU GPU Deep Learning Server 8xV100 SMX2

    There are ways around these problems but most people using these aren’t inventing anything new they are just using cookie cutter tensor flow because their department got an ml budget to blow.