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    Do EPYC Milan CPUs even exist for sale?

    Having a hard time finding these for sale anywhere outside of full server solutions from a vendor like Dell. AMD's shop only lists Rome and Naples parts. no Milan parts on Newegg or Amazon. is AMD trying to keep these out of the hands of DIYers or something? not even a single ES chip on ebay...
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    Asrock wont support EPYC Milan on the EPYCD8/EPYCD8-2T

    I contacted them inquiring about a BIOS update to support Milan on this board. The tech handling my inquiry (William Lee) indicated that they will not support Milan on this board, but instead will support on the [much more expensive] ROMED8-2T. It seems this is probably a "business" decision to...
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    FS : [USA-MD] Supermicro X9DRX+-F w/ 2x E5-2667v2, ASUS P9X79-E WS w/ E5-1680v2

    1. I have a Supermicro X9DRX+-F for sale. Comes with 2x Intel Xeon E5-2667v2 CPUs 8c/16t (total of 16 cores and 32 threads) The motherboard is rev.1.02, and has the latest 3.2 BIOS installed.Comes with Supermicro box and accessories. I bought the board brand new Jan 2019. the IPMI password has...
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    ASRock Rack IPMI: How to disable alarms for a certain sensor?

    So i just setup a system with an ASRock Rack EPYCD8 motherboard. I was messing around with where some fans were plugged into the motherboard, and after unplugging a fan and moving it to a different header, now i have a blinking red light on the motherboard where the fan was, and the IPMI...
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    Where do the Supermicro yellow HDD trays come from? (eBay auctions)

    So I see a lot of these SM cases on ebay, and several of them have yellow release tabs on the HDD trays. every SM case i've seen that was all original has a more burgundy color HDD tray release tab. example: SuperMicro 4U CSE-846 24 Bay SAS2 BP w/ X9DRi-F/2x 2x E5-2620 16GB 9266-8i | eBay...
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    any PCIe x4 SFP+ NICs?

    I'd like to add a 10Gb NIC to my main desktop. The motherboard is an EVGA z370 micro in a micro ATX chassis (4 I/O exp slots). My GPU takes more than 2 slots and obstructs the second x16 slot. but I do have a 3.0 x4 slot in the bottom slot. x4 should be enough to run a single 10Gb link (I only...
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    Cisco Meraki MS22, good 10Gbe switch?

    I’ve been looking for an affordable rackmount 10Gb switch to get my feet wet. I currently have an SG200-18. I have no need for PoE at this time. I’m seeing these Cisco Meraki switches on eBay and wondering if they are worth the ~$100 they are going for? I’m looking specifically at the 24-port...
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    Looking for a SM chassis 2U with full-height PCIe expansion and takes ATX motherboard

    Does this exist? Can anyone share a model number? basically something like this: SuperChassis 825MBTQC-R802WB but more affordable and takes a normal ATX or EATX motherboard and not some proprietary board. Basically I have a Plex transcode server setup for remote users, which transcodes on...
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    Is this the C2000 bug? SM A1SRi-2758F wont POST

    So I just picked up this Supermicro A1SRi-2758F from eBay, with the intention to build a pfsense box out of it. I got the board, and it came with a single stick of Crucial 4GB DDR3-1600 ECC SODIMM memory. the board is labelled v1.00. It was claimed to have been pulled from a "working system". I...
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    WTB: Supermicro X9DRX+-F motherboard

    looking for this board. let me know if anyone has one. thanks.
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    Supermicro X9DRX+-F and multi-GPU, PCIe power concerns, risers, etc.

    Hello all, first post here on STH, but i've lurked quite a bit. I participate in the SETI@home project, and I'm doing some brainstorming on a possible new build. So I would like to ask your opinions on some setups. I apologize if this belongs in another forum, but I am not sure which one would...