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    Supermicro 3u 16bay 3.5" chassis with SAS2 expander

    @Chuntzu these? They only have 4 pins. How to drive 5x 4pin fans?
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    Intel 320 600GB SSD - $250 OBO

    If you're getting 3gig intel drives why not the 710s instead?
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    Dell R210 II - Feedback and questions

    I was browsing ebay since black Friday sucked deal wise and came across these Dell R210 II's. Xeon E3, 16GB and a 1TB HD + 80GB Intel 320 SSD: Dell PowerEdge R210 II 1U Rack Server 16GB RAM E3 1220 CPU 1TB HDD 80GB SSD | eBay Anyone know if these are quiet? Is there built-in/ free IPMI? These...
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    Seagate 600 Pro 480GB

    I think this is great but only 1 drive: Used Seagate 600 Pro 600 SSD 480GB | eBay Reviews say this is a good drive. $185 for it is nice.
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    Why so heavy on Ubuntu?

    I've never really considered Ubuntu as a server OS. It's an OK desktop (mint is better). Isn't RHEL, CentOS, SLES considered the really stable Linux server versions? Why would you use Ubuntu server for a server benchmark like Linux-Bench?
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    How hard is it to build a server?

    I'm also trying to learn how to build. I will look into dedicated too. @Patrick I'd like to see your guide.
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    How hard is it to build a server?

    I'm looking to colo a box to have a VPN endpoint for me and my friends to use streaming Netflix and other services. We've worked it out that coloing is much cheaper than each getting our own vpn server and with bandwidth, it's cheaper than Amazon. I'm also in airports a lot and I want to secure...