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  1. Sleyk

    WTB - Tecate BBU's New White and Older Black Versions (Cheaply!)

    Everyone has 'em :.) Im looking to purchase some cheap Tecate BBU's for like a dollar each. Looking for anything between 15-30 pieces. They are abundant everywhere. Im trying to snag some cheaply :.) They look like this: Also looking for the new white ones for my lab. The CVPM05 model...
  2. Sleyk

    WTB - Dell H310 and Dell H200 cards ( Looking for a lot of stock for my lab and personal connections)

    Anyone willing to part with some spare Dell H200 and H310 cards? Let me know! Thanks!
  3. Sleyk

    Configure/Modify/Change HP H240 Smart HBA Controller from RAID to HBA Mode (Full Instructions)

    Hello my friends, I see that there are quite a few folks looking for a way to configure and modify their HP H240 Smart HBA controllers to HBA/IT Mode. HP doesnt make it easy to configure these cards if you dont have a HPE Server, so I thought I would do a post to help those of you out there...
  4. Sleyk

    The Complete LSI/Avago/Broadcom SBR Download MegaThread

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have gotten many requests for various SBR files over the years now, and I thought it was time to make a huge compilation thread, and make these files and info available to all. :cool: I sometimes notice that these SBR's are somewhat hard to come by, and I don't...
  5. Sleyk


    Hey guys, Been looking at this little listing for a few days now, and wanted to share. I personally don't have a need for one, but thought it was an ok price I guess? It's 64GB SATADOM SSD's. Seller also has Best Offer listed, so may take an offer for more than one. I checked out the sold...
  6. Sleyk

    Time to talk about Doge...

    I bought in at 5 cents a coin, then at .15 cents a coin. I already see a return of over 300%. Its now at 35 cents and going back up. What say you guys? Anyone else into this Doge thing?
  7. Sleyk

    SAS 4.0, PCI-E 4.0, Upcoming 24Gbps, New HBA’s and RAID cards, SlimSAS, My New “Cables” and the new SFF Connector: The Future Is Here, Bois.

    Disclaimer: Please be prepared, this write-up is kinda long, but it’s not super long (well, it kinda is, lol). This whole thing was written with good info and clarity in mind, I promise! This writeup was also written with the “not as up to date” person in mind, explaining concepts and things...
  8. Sleyk

    WTB: A few IBM/LSI 9240-8i Cards

    Hello fellow STH members! I am looking for some LSI 9240-8i cards for cheap. Anybody has some stashed away or not using? Looking to buy several if possible for my needs. Anybody willing to part with their extras for a few bucks? Looking to pay around $15-$17 bucks or so for a few used ones. We...
  9. Sleyk

    EU WTB: Fujitsu SAS HDD Backplane - Part Numbers: A3C40173252 and A3C40173250

    Hello! I am a US buyer looking for help. I would like to purchase a few of these Fujitsu SAS backplane parts for my servers. They are immensely hard and expensive to find in the US. I found a site where I can purchase them slightly cheaper, but it is still expensive. I have been fighting with...
  10. Sleyk

    Nice Deal $28 - Adaptec ASR-71605 PCI-E 3.0 x8 16 Port SAS Controller

    Following along with the great deals posted about the HP240 here: I wanted to make a thread on the similar made card which also features a Microsemi processor for similar price...
  11. Sleyk

    Full List of ALL Unsupported Devices in ESXI/VMware 7.0!

    This guy in England found the whole treasure trove of unsupported devices in the new 7.0. All 735 of them. Full List: ESXi 7.0 Unsupported Hardware You can also read his blog post here: ESXi 7.0: The Unsupported
  12. Sleyk

    My Rant on ESXI 7.0

    I have to rant. I saw a list of 735 plus devices not supported anymore. This is so silly and ridiculous. ESXI is important for alot of people, and alot of people and corporations use it in the Enterprise and Server industry. But too many people are basing their purchases on ESXI now. Why? Who...
  13. Sleyk

    Site design

    oops! I see the main thread! can delete!
  14. Sleyk

    Western Digital "Easy Recycle" Program Good or Bad?

    Just got this email form Western Digital this morning about their new Drive Recycling Program. What do you guys think? Is this a good or bad thing? I have a shit-ton of old, used, dead and living drives I could recycle. Is it worth it to send in one drive at a time and snag 5 bucks? :.)...
  15. Sleyk

    The Versatile SAS3008 Chipset: My Vendor Crossflashing Adventures

    Refresher/Primer (You can skip this and go further below for the meat of the stuff if you already know all of this!) To begin, let’s talk about some definitions and applicable terms. This is not meant to be PERFECT. It is only meant to give a basic level of understanding (explained in a very...
  16. Sleyk

    Seagate ST91000640SS 1TB 2.5" 6Gbps SAS Drives

    Alrighty fellas, Time for another deal. This one is not as big as the 6TB deal, its definitely smaller, and not as hot, but I negotiated the seller down :.) This is for 1TB 2.5 SAS drives: Seagate model number ST91000640SS. Can be used for Dell servers like the R710/R720/R720xd etc. Seller...
  17. Sleyk

    Seagate ST6000NM0074 6TB 7.2k 12Gb/s SAS SED Internal Hard Drive HOT DEAL!

    Alrighty fellas. I got a treat for you my peeps. However, this is only if you have the use case/need. Please read this whole before you do anything. So I normally browse through eBay looking for cheap deals on the things I want, and after a while, this gets boring. Or...
  18. Sleyk

    Dell PowerEdge R710 12-Core Server ($186 + Free Shipping)

    So...a whole bunch of these were sold, and looks like people are still going cray-cray over this one. :p Its' older tech (Xeon E5649, 12 cores, 24 threads, 8 x 2.5 inch slots, 24GB Ram) but it looks like an awesome SSD virtualization server if you pair it with some solid SSD's and the size...
  19. Sleyk

    Flash/Crossflash DELL H330 RAID Card to HBA330/12Gbps HBA IT Firmware

    Success! (Big Thanks to BLinux for the Inspiration!) So I initially had a super long write-up, but that's way too long, you just need the compact steps. This is to flash a Dell H330 Raid card to a Dell HBA330/12Gbps card with Dell HBA IT firmware. All 3 types of cards are flashable. (H330...
  20. Sleyk

    Normal/Safe SAS drive temps?

    So in celebration of my 700th post, I am ditching most of my SATA's for SAS drives :cool: (Lol! Complete with the green dot blink so you know I wuz online :D) eBay has excellent deals if you search around. Also SAS drives have great advantages over SATA: 1. They are more durable/less...