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  1. RandyC

    Kodiak Data AMD EPYC Private Cloud Cluster

    @Patrick This looks amazing. I am kind of interested to see what some of your terraform code looks like, now that I am using it exclusively at my current job.
  2. RandyC

    ZFS on Proxmox host, VM, or Dedicated?

    How about having both systems run proxmox and setup ceph storage? I have ZFS running on proxmox through CLI setup. It does take away memory for running VMs, so I am very interested in this scenario, and possible alternatives. I know I had to limit the ZFS RAM cache size to 8GB, otherwise it...
  3. RandyC

    Need pfSense Low Power Build Advice

    What about the SUPERMICRO X11SBA-LN4F running a N3700? IPMI, AES-NI, good PCIe, quad 1Gb NICs. The only downside is no ECC support. (And they are $217 on newegg currently, might as well spend $30 more for c2558) Supermicro X11SBA-LN4F Review - Sweet!
  4. RandyC

    eBay: Used SAMSUNG PM863 MZ7LM480HCHP-000G3 480GB $100 shipped

    It said 9 drives available. Sorry, I really needed these.
  5. RandyC

    eBay: Used SAMSUNG PM863 MZ7LM480HCHP-000G3 480GB $100 shipped

    Why did I not see this before? This is perfect for my OpenStack cluster build. Ordered 8 drives.
  6. RandyC

    $33 + FS Intel DC S3500 80GB; $50 + FS Intel DC S3500 160GB

    Maybe that is why they are so cheap. Someone mounted them backwards, and they didn't work, so they are trying to sell them as a bad drive, when really they were just mounted wrong.
  7. RandyC

    Dell C6100 used for openstack cluster.

    I have known I would need a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter. I will see if the ones that came with the Intel s3500 I got will work. There is no removable grill in the back where the mezx cards go. I would have to dremel a hole for them. I have ConnectX 2 VPI in the PCIe slot, as it was significantly...
  8. RandyC

    $33 + FS Intel DC S3500 80GB; $50 + FS Intel DC S3500 160GB

    I found some 300GB for $75, thought I might share. Intel DC S3500 Series 300GB SATA SSD 2.5" Solid State Drive SSDSC2BB300G4 | eBay
  9. RandyC

    Dell C6100 used for openstack cluster.

    So, I found a decent deal on Intel 300GB DC S3500 for $75 each. I am looking at the 480Gb Samsung SM843T, as opposed to the PM853T. (The 480GB PM853T is about $150). $800 is about my budget for the main disks. Any reason I shouldn't get the 480GB SM843T ? 480Gb Samsung SM843T Data Center...
  10. RandyC

    vSphere 6.5 released.

    I am also in the same boat with trying to find a way to download the vCSA. VMWare site shows that I am not allowed to download it with my current account.
  11. RandyC

    vSphere 6.5 released.

    VMware Announces General Availability of vSphere 6.5 - VMware vSphere Blog
  12. RandyC

    Dell C6100 used for openstack cluster.

    3.5" datacenter edition, so no mezz card access. I found this out after I bought some mezz cards.
  13. RandyC

    Zcash - any STHers Mining?

    What is the appeal of this over other crypto currency?
  14. RandyC

    Dell C6100 used for openstack cluster.

    I have a C6100 that I want to setup with Openstack. The only decision holding me back right now is HDD / SSD choice. Should I get some inexpensive 2TB HGST drives that have been dumped on ebay recently? Or should I get 8 Intel DC S3500 drives? (Or should I get a mix of both?) Does anyone one...
  15. RandyC

    Cheap Hitachi 2TB Drives (Data Center Recycle) $30! Free Shipping!

    Has anyone seen anything under $32 with free shipping lately?
  16. RandyC

    Cheap LGA1356 E5-2450L

    I bought a Lenovo ThinkServer TD340 awhile back on a sale, not realizing how expensive upgrade CPUs would be. Lenovo ThinkServer TD340 Tower Server System Intel Xeon E5-2403 v2 I got 2 of these, as it takes the v1 chips. Now I have to max out the RAM, and then try to sell...
  17. RandyC

    HP S6500 and SL230s Gen8 - CRAZY deal

    I'm in PDX, let me know what you find. I need to consider setting up a colo.
  18. RandyC

    WTB: 24 sticks of 8GB PC3-12800R/PC3-10600R

    Samsung 64GB 8x8GB 2RX4 PC3L 10600R DDR3 ECC REG Server Memory M393B1K70DH0-YH9 I got 48 sticks at $11.50 a piece, seller might go a bit lower if ordering in quantity.
  19. RandyC

    Small mini-itx case ?

    Norco ITX-S4 Black Mini-ITX Form Computer Storage Case
  20. RandyC

    Quanta S210-X22RQ 2U LGA2011 Barebone (10Gb and LSI2008 mezzanines included)

    I got my two servers delivered yesterday. Quanta S210-X22RQ I have not had time to test anything out, and probably won't be able to until the weekend. I will get a better picture of the LSI card and 10G mezz card when I get home tonight. 12 x 3.5" trays included. 2 x 2.5" rear trays...