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    Extreme Networks EXOS Software

    I'm looking for EXOS software, from Extreme Networks just for testing (nonproduction) on my equipment, maybe someone has access to version 31.x or 30.7.x?
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    EU [WTB] Soundproof Rack Cabinet

    I just wondering if somebody has it and does not use that, it can be 10 to 15U, please let me know, of course in EU.
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    EU FS - Nvidia P100 16GB GPU Direct

    I have for sale my almost New P100 Nvidia card, it was used only for the check (service stock item), I have also the additional custom FAN blower for a normal PC case to keep card cool and quiet. Price 1700 EUR.
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    EU Mellanox SN2100, SN2700 for sale

    I need to clean my office and I need to sell these switches : 2 * SN2700, MLNX-OS , 2 PSU, Used, My warranty 12 months - 2200 EUR each 1* SN2100, MLNX-OS, 2 PSU, almost NEW, used in office lab for 2 months only, 100GB/s version converted from 40GB/s version - 2400 EUR
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    EU For Sale SX6036 and SX1036

    Maybe someone is interested I have the last one SX6036 with all capabilities to sell 250 EUR, I need to clean up my office with all this equipment (condition like New). I have also the last one SX1036 with all capabilities as well, price is the same as for SX6036 (Used) 2*PSU.
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    HP SN2100

    I just wondering if someone tries to "rebrand" HP SN2100 or 2700 to standard Mellanox switch, software from Mellanox is working but still, there is HPE logo, just wondering how to burn MLNX firmware on ASIC. The main problem is port limitation on HPE (additional license).
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    EU GPU Deep Learning Server 8xV100 SMX2

    Maybe will be interesting for someone, I'm looking for a smaller one 4xV100 but this is very tempting. High Performance GPU Accelerated Computing Server for 8xGPU's NVIDIA V100 | eBay