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  1. nsummy

    [FS][US-IA] Cisco Nexus 7000 18-Slot Switch Chassis - N7K-C7018

    I have 2 of these available, and they come with everything required to run, along with a few switches, updated to the latest ios. Asking $600 each plus shipping QTY Component 2 Supervisor Modules - Supervisor 1(N7K-SUP1), with 8 GB memory cards 2 M1 I/O Modules - 48-port 1-Gigabit...
  2. nsummy

    EXPIRED Asrock Rack EPYCD8 Epyc Motherboard - $208.89 - Amazon Warehouse
  3. nsummy

    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server 2x LGA 2011-3 Barebones - $110 Shipped

    Seems like a pretty good deal Specs: R180-F34 (rev. 253) Specification | Rack Servers - GIGABYTE U.S.A. Listing: Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server w/ MD90-FS0 Sys Bd/No CPU/No Mem/No HDD | eBay
  4. nsummy

    FS: Raritan DPXS20A-30L6 PDUs |240V |20 C-13 Switched Outlets

    I have 20 of these I need to get rid of. $100 each + shipping. Or shoot me an offer.
  5. nsummy

    What type of power connector do the Tesla GPUs use?

    I just sold a dell gpu server on ebay. It had 4 8+7 PCIE power cables in it. The guy I sold it to just sent me a message saying the cables don't fit the Tesla M40s he bought. I'm looking at the nvidia documentation and its referencing a cpu cable and dongles for pcie connectors. Does anyone...
  6. nsummy

    Is it possible to buy server parts directly from Dell?

    Long story short, I bought a Dell C4130 motherboard and case ($230 combined), and foolishly thought it would be cheap to piece the rest together. The power supply, cpu, ram, and heatsink were easy, hard drive was a little more difficult but found one, however its impossible to find cables or...
  7. nsummy

    Will a Xeon 4XXX processor work in a dual or single slot board?

    I'm sure this has been asked to death, but googling multiple variants of this question return nothing but articles about quad-core processors! I'm almost positive you can put a 4XXX in any dual or single board, and a 8XXX into a quad, dual, or single board, but wanted confirmation before I...