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    ZFS Datasets no longer mount

    So i recently upgraded from Ubuntu 21.04 to 21.10 and now my ZFS datasets wont mount. I have tried exporting the pool and re-importing the pool, but even trying it with the Forced options continue to fail. root@daviserver:~# zfs mount -af cannot mount 'ssdpool/sftpsync': Insufficient...
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    [W] (US-TX) 2x 10Gbe SFP+ NICs & DACs.

    Looking for a pair of 10Gb SFP+ NICS and compatible DACs or modules w/ cables. Need one of the NICs to have an LP Bracket.
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    Wanted: Intel 905p 480gb+

    Looking for a deal on some optane, let me know what you got. -Nitro
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    ZoL Snapshots / Replication help

    Hi all - I recently moved my docker volumes over to a SSD Mirrored VDEV and am trying to sort out my backup strategy. My thought here is to use ZFS Snapshots/Replication to backup to a different ZFS Pool on the same system. I use Crashplan to backup the backup to the cloud. So I am using...
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    Cannot access Napp-it UI

    Installed Napp-it on Ubuntu using the instructions on the site. apt-get install zfsutils-linux wget -O - www. | perl sh /var/web-gui/data/tools/linux/napp-it However, I am unable to access at http://ip:81, no errors in the logs nothing. I can see it running and listening...
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    WTB: 1TB+ NVMe M.2

    Let me know what you have and price.
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    FS: 2x Intel (Dell) S3710 400GB - 100% NAND Life Remaining

    Looking to sell as a pair. Free Shipping Via UPS Ground to CONUS. Other options available just ask. Intel (Dell) S3710 400GB SATA III Drives - $210 each or $400/Pair 100% NAND Life Remaining SMART Info Attached
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    STH Aeon Docker: How to get started?

    Alright, well I am late to the game and am looking to get started mining some Aeon. I have the STH docker image pulled down, but I am not sure how to get started from here.
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    FS: 2nd Gen NEST & Unifi UVP

    Selling a few things around the house. Price includes shipping with the carrier of my choosing. USPS or UPS Ground. 1. Used Unifi UVP in original box - $75 2. Smarthings Hub - $45
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    NVMe / PCIe Reliability?

    Thinking about some changes to my SSD Tier on my home NAS. Right now I have 2x S3710 800GB drives in a RAID1. All of my Docker Containers run here as well as an Ubuntu VM for Plex. I do a daily backup of the SSD volume locally to HDD and to the Cloud. I have a single PCIe slot and was...
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    FS: mITX Silent ESX Homelab, 10GB Switch & NAS Case

    Selling my homelab now that I have one hosted at my office. All prices include shipping to CONUS via USPS or UPS. International shipping on a case by case basis. Accept Paypal, BTC, ETH as payment. 2x ESX mITX Nodes - $300 ea or $500 for both. Case - iStar S21 Mobo - Intel S1200KPR CPU -...
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    Issue with E3-1245 v6 iGPU on X11SSM-F

    I bought a new setup the other day primarily so I could have more power to transcode HEVC content, but I am having issues with Intel iGPU being detected. Motherboard - X11SSM-F X11SSM-F | Motherboards | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. CPU - Xeon E3-1245 v6 Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1245...
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    Build Help: Low Power Video Transcoding Monster

    Looking to build a new ESXi machine that will primarily run just my Ubuntu Plex VM. There are so many options right now my head is spinning just trying to make sense of it all. Requirements: 8Cores Minimum Under 75W @ Idle 10GBe SFP+ $600 Budget (CPU/Mobo) I was looking at the newer XeonD...
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    Looking for 16GB Sticks of DDR4 ECC UDIMMS
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    Next Homelab

    With so many CPU releases lately (TR, Epyc, Bronze Silver, Gold, Krpytonite:) ) it has me thinking about what my next move is since it has been about 5 years since I upgraded the compute portion of my lab. Nitro's - Condo=Home Data Center Replacement Yes I am still running two identical boxes...
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    FS: 8TB HDDs, ZuesRAM, SAS3 & More!

    All items are OBO 1x Silverstone DS380B - $150 plus Postage Includes the following: FSP SFX PSU w/ 22a on 5v rail - most SFX PSUs have 14-15a and wont boot with all drives installed Fan Plate for increase airflow over the drives. See here for what I am talking about Upgraded Noctua PVWM fans...
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    MS SQL Architecture

    Thought I would check with the brain trust here on an issue I am trying to solve since the software provider provides no requirements or recommendations around HA or Failover. Requirements: MS SQL 2012 Enterprise HA Locally within the Datacenter Failover between Datacenters (UK & Germany)...
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    WTBorrow: Large HDDs

    Looking to borrow/rent/lease a handful of 4+TB drives (need approx 20TB) to facilitate a storage system rebuild. Would rather not buy new and have to resell, so thought I would see if anyone has some laying around that I could rent.
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    WTB: S3710 800GB & 1.2TB

    Let me know what you have and prices.