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    3x Intel SSDs - 2x 200GB S3700, 1x 128Gb 545s

    2x Intel (Not HP or Dell, SATA3 speed) S3700 SSDSC2BA200G3 200GB SSD. 1 has 15TBW, other has 31TBW. 100% CDI on both. 1x Intel 545s SSDSC2KW128G8 128GB SSD. 8TBR, 12TBW. 3741 hours. 81% CDI. All three for $80 shipped.
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    FS - 4x 750GB P4800x

    Both pci brackets included. 1.3PB of reads, 1.8PB or writes. Tons of life left. $840 per drive shipped. $1660 for two drives shipped. $2450 for three drives shipped. $3000 for all four drives shipped. Shipped USPS priority mail, will ship worldwide at additional actual cost. PM me for...
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    2x Dell S3700 400GB

    Two SSDSC2BA400G3T Dell branded (6XJ05) SSDs, both are reporting 100% in CDI but unable to view read/write data. Were in gaming PCs as boot drives, no CHIA. Have manually set connection speed from 3Gb/s to 6Gb/s $135 shipped cont. US SOLD on ebay: 1x Micron 9100 Max 1.2TB HHHL, 100% in CDI...
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    Lenovo M90n - i5-8365u, 8GB, 512GB, Windows 10 Pro 64

    Lenovo m90n 11ADS0BB00, used as a plex server for a few months, consolidating equipment, this is one of three that I need to sell (only one of which is pulled and ready to ship right now). other two will likely be available late next week. i5-8365U 8GB DDR4 512GB SSD Windows 10 Pro 64 license...
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    SAS836TQ, 2x 9207-8I with IT firmware

    Supermicro SAS836TQ rev 3.2. With four sets of the red Supermicro breakout cables. $40 shipped Two HP h220? sas2308d1 adapters, labeled as 9205-8i but flashed to latest 9207-8i firmware without BIOS. $37.50 shipped per or both for $62.50 shipped Take it all - backplane and both adapters for...
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    8TB SAS, 6TB SAS (56TB of drives - $470)

    SOLD 1x 1.6TB P3605, 44K Hrs, 2.1TB(w), 1.8T(r). Full and half-height brackets included. $145 shipped 1x - WD2003FZEX - 2TB SATA - 6K Hrs - $35 shipped 1x - ST2000DM001 - 2TB SATA - 27K Hrs - $30 shipped 6TB Drives: 2x - Dell - ST6000NM0095 - 6TB SAS - (1-5K Hrs, 1-15.4K Hrs) ($57 shipped per...
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    2x Asus Z9PR-D12 combos (CPU/memory (E5-2648l v2/64GB or E5-2648l v1/32GB)

    Combo2: Asus Z9PR-D12 w/ IO shield, FP adapter for Supermicro case, and 8-pin PSU extension (2) E5-2648l v1 CPU w/ 1u passive heatsinks (1) 32GB DDR3 ECC REG DIMM $99 shipped Take both for $220 shipped RAM: SOLD: 7x 32GB Hynix HMT84GL7AMR4C PC3-14900L with CISCO part # UCS-ML-1X324RZ-A...
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    2.5" Intel DC SSDs, 100GB S3700, 300GB S3500, 400GB S3700, 400GB S3610

    I have the following drives, some won't let me get CDI data so whatever info I have in the post, is all the info I can seem to pull. HP DC S3700 100GB - 21K Hrs 100% HP DC S3700 100GB - 43K Hrs 100% Intel DC S3500 300GB - 1.7TB (read), 3.2TB (write) 4.7k Hrs, 97 PO - 100% Intel DC S3500 300GB -...
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    E3-1275 v5 + 64GB RAM combo

    Supermicro X11SSL-F w/ IO shield Xeon E3-1275 V5 CPU with low profile active heatsink/fan 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 Used in an unraid build until I needed more PCI express slots. $490 shipped cont. US Etsy rackmount for Unifi US-8-60w (switch not included) $35 shipped 3x Unifi UAP-Pro (NOT AC) WAP -...
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    FS - 1x Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S+IN

    Used for a few months, replaced with CRS309. Great condition, power supply included, will reset before I ship it out. $105 shipped cont US. Will ship anywhere else but shipping will increase in cost accordingly. For $150 shipped I will include two Solarflare SFN6122F cards (full-height pci...
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    SOLD 20x 8TB SATA hard drives (19 WD, 1x Seagate)

    I have the following drives removed from my home NAS (upgraded to larger drives (and fewer)): 11 5x WD80EMAZ-00W - WD White drives that were shucked. Basic smart data below. Asking $110 shipped per, discount for quantity. All 5 for $475 shipped 4x WD80EZAZ-11T White drives that were...
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    SOLD X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD + 2x E5-2640 v2

    X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD w/ IO shield, updated IPMI firmware and BIOS to latest version. 2x E5-2640 v2 2x 2U Passive heatsink no RAM. Works great, upgraded NAS to 2011-3. $150 shipped cont. US. Does support bifurcation.
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    X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD, E5-2640 v2, 256GB combo

    Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD w/ IO shield. Latest firmware and BIOS installed 2x E5-2640 v2 CPU 2x 2U Passive heatsink 256GB (8x32GB) DDR3-800 $415 shipped cont. US
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    SOLD 5x 32GB DDR3 ECC REG PC3L-12800L $125 shipped TOT

    I have 4x 32GB SK Hynix PC3L-12800L-11-12-C0 HMT84GL7AMR4A-PB MC AB [1450 (2x)] [1504 (1x)] [1512 (1x)] - these will all work together. $140 shipped I have 1x 32GB SK Hynix PC3L-12800L-11-11-C0 HMT84GL7AMR4A-PB MC AB 1410 (never attempted to run with above due to different timings. $125 for all...
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    5 + 1 2.5" Cisco c240 drive trays

    5 + 1 2.5" Cisco C240 drive trays, no screws. One is different than the others so that one is free. $22.50 shipped paypal preferred to cw823 at hotmail dot com
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    SOLD - 6 small Intel SSDs (80GB S3500, 100GB S3700, 200GB S3610) and two small crucial M4 SSDs

    2x 80GB Intel S3500s with Intel firmware. Latest firmware is applied, CDI in link below. 3x 80GB Intel S3500s with HP firmware. Cannot find later firmware, CDI in link below. 1x 100GB Intel S3500 with Intel firmware. Latest firmware is applied, CDI in link below. 1x 200GB Intel S3610 with HP...
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    Cisco c240 M3S2 v03 (E5-2680v1, 128GB, 2x80Gb SSD), Mellanox SX6036 w/ 40Gbe license + cables/NICs

    2x Cisco c240 M3S2 v03 with dual e5-2680v1, 128GB (8x16GB) RAM, 2x 80Gb (HP branded) Intel s3500 ssd (Raid for OS from mezz 2008m-8i). Updated BIOS and firmware. No rails. Server “ears” are a little bent due to poor shipping packing from original seller. I believe both servers have the 16 drive...
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    FS - Precision 3420, Norco 4220 JBOD

    PMC NVDRAM PCA-00364-03-C NVRAM Card Purchased for a project that changed directions. $90 shipped Precision 3420 x4 Dell Precision 3420 E3-1245 v5 24GB (3x8GB) memory Dell x520-DA2 10Gbe $240 local to Ohio as I don’t have boxes to ship. Have four but need to sell 1 and a time as I replace...
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    3x 8TB Seagate STEB8000100 BNIB

    Purchased for project that fell through. Brand new, still in sealed box. kept one, shucked drive was ST8000DM004. $125/per shipped cont. US. Two for $240 shipped. All Three for $333 shipped. SOLD ON EBAY
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    2x PC Power & Cooling Silencer MKIII 750W 80+Gold PSU

    I have two of these PSUs, with all modular cables included. Were used for approximately 1 year in a Norco CASE used as a JBOD enclosure. $85 shipped Cont. US per, both for $150 shipped. Will ship outside Cont. US for additional shipping costs (TBD based on location)