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  1. sparx

    Dell T7820 memory compatability

    Hi! I just bought a second hand T7820 barebone and put in a Xeon Cascade lake QS in it together with a 2400MHz Samsung memory. No boot. 2 Amber 4 white points to memory. Anyone has a preferred parts list for this workstation? Is 2666MHz or even 2933 required for function? Perhaps i have to...
  2. sparx

    HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 230w broken. Google blackbelt needed.

    I really thought my black belt grade was high in google. But I cant find any fault tracing help at all related to this product. When plugging in the external power brick the led next to the connector doesnt even light up so its pretty useless. Bought second hand and the seller seems like they...
  3. sparx

    Intel IPDT

    Hi! Does anyone have the Intel IPDT tool saved in linux version? Dell has it in Support Live Image Version 3.0 but i cant seem to extract the tool only. BR M
  4. sparx

    Self test software for Mellanox

    Hi! Does it exist any self test software for mellanox NIC cards? To be able to automagicaly run loopback tests etc. BR M
  5. sparx

    Monitor repair

    Hi! I just bought a broken monitor dirt cheap. Its a Dell U3818DW-D so I reckon replacement parts will be expensive. Auction stated broken LCD. And it seems to be somewhat correct. But I cant find any impacts in the screen. Any fault tracing tips are...
  6. sparx

    EU Removed

  7. sparx

    Cisco Catalyst 3560CX-8XPD-S Password

    So I just got this baby. Thanks (you know who)! :D Its the Cisco Catalyst 3560CX-8XPD-S model with multigig. But where ever i look for the password I cant find it. I opened up a support chat for it. And nooo.. its an enterprise switch. They couldnt help. And the enterprise team couldnt help...
  8. sparx

    Help with ZFS performance on FreeNAS.

    Hi guys! So I posted a thread on the FreeNAS forum but had no bite so far. Maybe you can have some ideas for me. Ill just rip the text from there and paste. So Im new to FreeNAS and all the features and stability looks great. Hope the docker stuff comes soon as I started with Corral just at the...
  9. sparx

    Do you guys spindown disks in zfs pools?

    I have a setup with a few SAS drives for home NAS running on an intel server with openmediavault. ( Debian 7 ish). But I cant for the life of me get them to spin down. I would like it for power saving. At least half of the day. I guess one of the issues is that hdparm doesnt want to talk to my...