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  1. nephri

    Basement Relay Switches

    Yep, my core installation is on the basement (where the ISP fiber come to, with servers and switches) After that, i want to deliver a network to : - the ground floor (living room, the office room) - the upstairs (children's bedrooms) At the upstairs, i want one "uplink" cable from the...
  2. nephri

    Basement Relay Switches

    Will it be mostly silent ? I have (on the servers room) theses ones: Quanta LB4M Gnodal GS4008 Mellanox SX6036 None of theses can be used on living rooms because they do to much noise... How much noise do brocade ones ?
  3. nephri

    Basement Relay Switches

    Hi, I want to install small switches in my basement at differents locations Ideally i want small switches that must be quiet and offer multi-gig connectivity (at least 2.5Gbps RJ45) I will buy 3 switchs (can be a mix) For now i studies theses switches: Unifi USW-Flex-XG 4x RJ45 10Gbps 1x...
  4. nephri

    Which "external" box for accomodate a a2u8x25s3phs

    No, I dropped this idea because it was a bit too complicated for my taste.
  5. nephri

    How bad can your SMART numbers be on a used HD before you refuse it?

    So from my perspective I'm really aware from the "Elements in grown defect list" A no-zero value is a no go for me. In your case it's OK. For the high corrected ECC read values, i would perform such things like badblocks (write+read) and rerun a long smartctl to see how theses values...
  6. nephri

    HGST 10TB SAS 4Kn HDDs for $150. OBO

    yes i expected a bit less... I will using them in a zfs (mirror + stripping) so i will have redundancy. At this time they (4x 10Tb) will replace Seagate SAS drives (8x 3Tb) from 2012. Theses have huge power on hours (but very low read/writes compared to the 10 tb ones) The future will say if...
  7. nephri

    HGST 10TB SAS 4Kn HDDs for $150. OBO

    my batch is around 200Tb to 380Tb written for up to 27k hours. Disks have small reads so they were used for sure for archives / backups I will test them now.
  8. nephri

    Plex Pass Lifetime May the Fourth 24h Sale [Normally $120]

    RTX4000, it's a killer machine ^^ too costly for me... I'm going more onto p400 (relatively cheap) and will not having more than 3 transcodes at a time I juste have no experience in GPU Passthrough for plex. I think i will give a try to a P400
  9. nephri

    Plex Pass Lifetime May the Fourth 24h Sale [Normally $120]

    i jumped into the train. Which nvidia card do you recommand for hardware transcoding (in a vm server passthrough) that take only a 1 PCiE slot ?
  10. nephri

    EU deprecated - [FS] 100G Networking stuff

    nice stuffs. My home lab is too small for having any benefit (regarding the cost) to jump on the 100Gb. I already had difficulties to saturate 40Gb links But for real networks theses switches are awesomes.
  11. nephri

    EU SuperMicro 2U 24x SFF NVMe X11

    So, all feedbacks are good ? This box is very attractive (except costly scalable cpus) ! @Iaroslav, switching with the X10DRU-i+ was a pain or it was quite simple ?
  12. nephri

    HGST 10TB SAS 4Kn HDDs for $150. OBO

    i bought 5 for 130$/ea
  13. nephri

    FS: UniFi XG-16, Mellanox SX6036 & SN2700

    yes sexy... (that is let me thinking that ours minds are a bit crazy...) but too much for me even if it is so sexy.
  14. nephri

    Updated: 10-08-21, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs PRICE CUT on EPYCS!!

    I bought Hynix DDR4 in qty, received them well packaged and all works fine !! I have now a FreeNas Box with 256Gb and my Proxmox Box with 384 Gb !! Thanks.
  15. nephri

    Custom storage plugins for Proxmox

    I reply to an old thread But i was playing again with freenas + proxmox, so i read again what i wrote few years back and posted on this thread. In the meantime, i checked if it is always needed and if Proxmox didn't included some native stuffs like this for doing ISCSI with freenas. What a...
  16. nephri

    EU FS 16 Bays JBOD Kit (France) (local pickup)

    no problem. i have always the 16 bays to sell ^^ But i edited the title for the 16 bays so you will probably have better visibility with your own
  17. nephri

    Spinning HDD Power on Hours

    It depends the purpose. Recently i decommissioned NAS/MEDIA disks that was online for almost 10 years at home. On a total of 4, only one having a large batch of bad sectors (that was customer hdd) On more "crucial" storage pool, i use redudancy and let the failure to come. For spinning disks...
  18. nephri

    Need help to reset Supermicro motherboard that is password protected

    I had similar problem some times ago : If you have access to IPMI console, you can flash directly from it. In this case, you need a licence but following this guide is quiet easy : Reverse...
  19. nephri

    EU FS 16 Bays JBOD Kit (France) (local pickup)

    Here details about firmware of the 4U60 unit Device is a Enclosure services device Enclosure # : 2 Slot # : 62 SAS Address : 5000cca-b-0203-79fd State : Standby...
  20. nephri

    Finally finished all the testing and ready to make then change to zfsonLinux

    I'm really interrested about a guide on the iSER parts (never used RDMA) ! Keep up this thread ^^