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  1. tby

    Can QSSC-2ML PCIe slot power >25w GPU (Quadro P2000)?

    Anyone run a >25w GPU in the QSSC-2ML? Looking to use a Quadro P2000 (75w).
  2. tby

    Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG $299

    This is UniFi version of the ES-16-XG. 12x SFP+, 4x 10GBase-T. Datasheet. Beta - UniFi Switch 16 XG - Ubiquiti Networks Store Need to be signed up for the Ubiquiti Beta Program and signed in to purchase, US-only. ---- Putting some updates here for people joining late: Noise: These switches...
  3. tby

    Ubiquiti mPower Pro $58.40

    Two left on this eBay listing: Ubiquiti mPower PRO 8-Port mFi Power Strip with Ethernet and Wi-Fi I went in for two. I've got one mPower and one Pro right now... The management software is a disaster and I hate that they're not rackmount, but they get the job done at a price that can't be...
  4. tby

    Emulex OCe14000 -- Will SFP+ transceivers models work with passive DACs?

    Looking at maybe buying some Emulex OCe14000-series CNAs that come with optics. Does anyone know if these will also work with passive DACs? The manual lists certain variants working with transceivers and others working with Active DACs / Passive DACs / Active Optical Cables. Does anyone have...
  5. tby

    Too good to be true? $12 8GB ECC 240-pin UDIMMs

    Seen on /r/homelab. I just acquired a few systems thirsty for UDIMMs and looking at more so I've chanced an order for 16. MICRON MT18JSF1G72AZ-1G9E1 8gb Pc3-14900 Memory at
  6. tby

    Qlogic 2-port 10GbE QLE8152 BO'd 4 @ $20/ea

    7 remaining. QLOGIC QLE8152 Dual Port 10GB Ethernet Adapter Full Height
  7. tby

    EdgeRouter ER-8 $215 obo

    Got it to learn what all the fuss was about. Didn't care for it. Now it can be yours for a very fair price. $215 shipped, CONUS only. Ubiquiti Networks - EdgeRouter™
  8. tby

    Dell 6248 w/ 4x 10GbE (dual PD111 + XFPs) $400

    I've got a Dell 6248 switch that has become surplus to me. 48x 1GbE ports. 4x combo SFP. 2x PD111 modules on the back providing 4x 10GbE XFP ports (XFP SR optics included). Looking for $400 shipped, CONUS only.
  9. tby

    Juniper Netscreen 5400 30Gb/s firewalls $1,000/ea obo

    I put these up on eBay but figured someone here might be interested. I've got two Juniper NS-5400 equipped as follows: NS-5000-MGT3 NS-5000-2XGE-G4 2x NS-5000-8G2-G4 3x 150w PSU That's 2x 10GbE XFP and 16x GbE SFP ports. According to the data sheet they firewall at up to 30Gb/s, VPN / IPSec at...
  10. tby

    E5-2675 V3?

    Nothing in ARK or Google really. Is this the new L5639? 16C 32T 40MB. [Ask for more] Xeon E5-2675v3 OEM 16-Core 1.8/2.3GHz SR1XM (near 2699v3 #cores) Intel Xeon E5-2675 v3 OEM LGA2011-3 16C Compatible X99 i7-5930K 5960X E5-2699 v3 INTEL XEON E5 2675 V3 SR1XM 16CORE 1.8-2.3Ghz C1 stepping X99...
  11. tby

    WTB: PC133S 512MB CL2 SODIMMs

    Looking for SODIMMs of PC133S 512MB CL2 low density (16-chip) non-ECC. Need 12 of them but if you've got more I wouldn't mind some extras.
  12. tby

    Netscreen 5000-series RAM

    Anybody know what kind of RAM goes in a Netscreen 5400? I've got NS-5000-MGT3, NS-5000-8G2-G4, and NS-5000-2XGE-G4 modules with no RAM :-( The MGT takes some kind of DIMM, the others are SO-DIMM. All I've got lying around is DDR3 and that ain't it.
  13. tby

    Smoking hot deal: Quanta LB6M 24-port SFP+ 10GbE $500 BO

    I got an accepted offer @ $350+S&H. I'd say aim lower but they're moving quick. HP Quanta LB6M 10GB 24-Port SFP Switch - 30 DAY WARRANTY
  14. tby

    STEC s1120 800GB PCIe $450

    Looking to sell one of these. It's 1TB flash OP'd to 800GB, has power loss protection, rated for up to 66PB writes. Plug-n-play with any Linux kernel that isn't ancient (search your kernel source for skd_main.c). Also have Windows drivers and it's in the VMware HCL. Spec Sheet / Brochure $450 obo.
  15. tby

    Gnodal GS4008 $1,400 bo

    Genuine Gnodal GS4008 Layer 2 Ethernet TOR Switch 40 SFP 8 QSFP 2RU Ports | eBay 40x 10GbE + 8x 40GbE. I sent a lowball offer and they came back with $1,200. Too rich for my budget right now but potentially a great deal for someone else.
  16. tby

    Atlanta only: Barebones IBM x3650 M2 and Sun x4275, complete Dell 2950

    For anyone local to Atlanta, I've got 2x IBM x3650 M2 and 3x Sun x4275 barebones and a complete Dell 2950 that I'd like to get out of my life. Thinking $100/ea but any fair offer considered. IBM x3650 M2: Have the BR10i (LSI 1068E) HBA. 4x PCI-e full-height slots. "Advanced Feature Key" for...
  17. tby

    WTB: Sun x4275 trays

    Looking for a good deal on LFF trays for a Sun x4275. Would like to find 36 of them but 12 will get me started.
  18. tby

    10x Toshiba MG03ACA300 3TB Enterprise SATA $950 BO'd $800

    1 Lot of 10 New Factory Warranty Toshiba MG03ACA300 HDEPQ01GEA51 3 5" 3TB SATA | eBay Just snagged a lot of 10 MG03ACA300 for $800. Seller has a second lot listed plus another listing for individual drives @ $99 BO with 5 available.
  19. tby

    C6100/C6220 Mellanox 40Gbe mezzanine cards $69.99 BO'd 4 @ $25

    Dell Switchx QDR FDR 16 16 Port Infiniband Switch Blade 1965W MCX384A BCAA | eBay Hardly anything out there on these but I've found a few Mellanox documents that describe them as "ConnectX-3 Eth; dual port QSFP; 40Gb/s Mezz card for Dell."
  20. tby

    Mix JBOD and RAID on SAS 2108?

    Has anyone run mixed RAID and JBOD volumes on a SAS 2108 controller? From the MegaCli documentation this seems to be possible (-EnableJBOD and -PDMakeJBOD).