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    6610 VLANs and Ubiquiti AP's

    I am having an issue with getting my Unifi AP's working with tagged vlan's. I have a controller, in VLAN 10 and 2 APs in VLANs 20 and 30. 10 is my hardwired network, 20 is my "internal" wireless, and 30 is my IOT wireless. Going by what Ubiquiti recommends I set up the port to the AP as...
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    Opnsense and icx6610 confusion

    I am trying to set up VLANs for my network. My issue is that only vlan1 and 2 work properly. Pretty sure I have the OPNSense setup correctly for vlans. All vlans except 1 are assigned to 1/3/8 which is ix1 on the firewall. On vlan2 that port is set to dual-mode on the Brocade. Is that why...
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    FS: Brocade BR-VDX6740-64-R plus extras - Lowered price

    I have decided to sell my VDX switch and stick with my ICX switch. This switch is in good condition with minimal scuffs. The Compact Flash card was replaced with a new card as there seemed to be an issue with the original card. I will send the original in case you would want it. fohdeesha...
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    FS: 8Gb and 16Gb FC HP B series SFP's, ECC DDR2

    Prices include shipping to lower 48 US states. I take PayPal, Google Wallet, or Venmo. Lost my job so some lab stuff has to go. -9x AJ716A and 3x AJ716B HP branded 8Gb/s FC SFP's. These are new in clamshells. If you buy all of them I will include and equal number of used AJ716A SFP's for...
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    4TB 3PAR drives in sleds $52

    Seems like a good deal to me. Anyone work with this seller before? 3PAR SAS
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    WTB: DL360 Gen9 SFF expansion kit and rack rails

    Looking to get kit # 764630-B21 to add 2 additional SFF drives where the optical drive would normally sit. Also looking to pick up a set of rack rails for a standard 42U rack for same server.
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    FS: Brocade brand 40Gb QSFP cables (new) and WTB

    WTB: HPE Proliant DL360 Gen9 rail kit for standard rack. For sale: Various Brocade 40Gb QSFP cables that are brand new. Most are new in box, sealed, and a couple are new still sealed in static bags but not in box. I accept Paypal or Google Wallet. Paypal fee splits 3% with me. Ships from...
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    WTB/T: MSL Encryption kit AM495A

    I am looking to buy or trade for an Encryption kit or KMIP 1.2 compliant server. The kit would come with 2 USB keys for plugging into the back of my MSL2024 LTO7 tape library. I could otherwise using a KMIP 1.2 compliant key server as well if someone has a lead on one of them. I'd rather have...
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    VDX6740 locked out - need reset config

    I have a VDX6740 that is pretty much useless at this point. I cannot get a console prompt except through the "command shell" if you esc out of autoboot. The switch was taken out of a stack and now all ports stay orange and will not connect. I cannot reattach it to the stack as the stack is...