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    FS - 4x 750GB P4800x

    BTT Price Drop
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    3x Intel SSDs - 2x 200GB S3700, 1x 128Gb 545s

    2x Intel (Not HP or Dell, SATA3 speed) S3700 SSDSC2BA200G3 200GB SSD. 1 has 15TBW, other has 31TBW. 100% CDI on both. 1x Intel 545s SSDSC2KW128G8 128GB SSD. 8TBR, 12TBW. 3741 hours. 81% CDI. All three for $80 shipped.
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    [WTB] 16 x 32GB 1866 LRDIMM, ship to Japan

    I don’t do crypto but willing to be the go between to ship from US to Japan (it’s easier than most people realize)
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    [WTB] intel 905p or p4801x SSD

    I have four p4800x 750Gb AIC drives for sale
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    FS: US - Lab Consolidation Sale

    Willing to consider pre-crypto pricing on the 1070s?
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    eBay intel 4800X 750GB 417USD?

    What would be a good price for these drives now? In HHHL format
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    FS - 4x 750GB P4800x

    Both pci brackets included. 1.3PB of reads, 1.8PB or writes. Tons of life left. $840 per drive shipped. $1660 for two drives shipped. $2450 for three drives shipped. $3000 for all four drives shipped. Shipped USPS priority mail, will ship worldwide at additional actual cost. PM me for...
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    US MELLANOX SX6036 - $200

    40Gb License is easy, HMU for assistance.
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    S3700 at only 3.0 Gb/sec

    Tested and working on S3500 series drives as well.
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    FS: US-AL Supermicro 836 w/ SAS2 Backplane - SOLD

    Might not be expensive for eBay but it’s expensive for people that know what these used to cost. Imho
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    WTB: drive cages from a Supermicro 216 cases

    Ping me if you want help getting this from US yo Australia, whole or in pieces
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    WTB 20 / 24 bay 3.5 chassis

    I don’t think you understand just how worthless your post is lol
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    WTB: Looking for a replacement to the Quanta LB8M (North America)

    No 40Gbe in the sx6036? Go big or go home, right?
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    WTB 20 / 24 bay 3.5 chassis

    How much shipped to 45807?
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    i9-7980XE $426USD

    But it’s not 2007 so 1366 is kind of crazy to spend money on at this point
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    [Complete] [WTB] AOC-S3008L-L8E - LSI SAS3 Internal 8-port PCIe 3.0

    Does the 9207-8i at half that price not work for you?
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    S3700 at only 3.0 Gb/sec

    Latest Intel storage tool has a different exe. I used: Elevated command prompt (Windows 10) C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Memory and Storage Tool\intelmas.exe show -intelssd 0 (in my case my Intel ssd was the second drive so 1 instead of 0) C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Memory and...
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    2x Dell S3700 400GB

    Neither CDI nor the Intel storage tool give me figures, it's blank.